Oni Press Picks Up LySandra Vuong's Hot Priest Webtoon, Covenant

Oni Press Picks Up LySandra Vuong's Hot Priest Webtoon, Covenant

Former Oni Press Associate editor,Michelle Nguyen, picked up LySandra Vuong''s queer YA graphic novel series. It seems that she, as many as others at Lion Forge, recently re-signed. Now Lion Forge/Oni Press editorDesiree Rodriguez, who joined Lion Forge in 2016, will edit the series. Ezra, a powerful exorcist, is tasked with protecting a seemingly normal human from growing alien forces.

Ezra, a powerful exorcist with no faith in God, is tasked to protect a seemingly normal human from rising demonic forces. In a world in which priests are decked out in holy tattoos and brandish machine guns in the face of demons, a powerful exorcist and a mysterious boy cross pathsin a college classroom. Covenant is a supernatural action comic about hot priests who face even hotter demons.

LySandra Vuong was previously a mechanical engineer and now has drawn hot priests for a living. The first book by Oni Press is planned for the spring of 2025. Britt Siess Creative Management, a member of LySandra Vuong, has agreed to an agreement for worldwide rights.

Former ownersJames Lucas Jones and Charlie Chu have been defying Polarity, others departing voluntarily, and their newly reprintedgraphic novel, along with its writer/artistMaia Kobabe, have filed criminal lawsuits in Virginia.The depreciation of other recent work moves, and concerns of excessive work, resulting in significant gaps in the publisher''s schedule.

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