Food Fighters by Tyler Whitesides and Rebecca Syracuse at Andrews McMeel

Food Fighters by Tyler Whitesides and Rebecca Syracuse at Andrews McMeel

Erinn Pascal purchased the first book in the series at Andrews McMeel in 2025, which will be published.

Follows a youngster who discovers an unsettling ability to control food with his mind, leading him to a secret society of crime-fighting eateries confronted by a rogue agent known only as the Big Cheese.

Rebecca Syracuse is a Brooklyn, New York, illustrator and children''s book designer. She received a BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "I''m you interested in more EPIC food-centric adventures? " I''m illustrating a graphic novel!!!

Tyler Whitesides, who lives in Northern Utah with his two children, is the star of the series. In the two-book agreement, his agent Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency and Rebecca Syracuse''s agent Natascha Morris of the Tobias Literary Agency represented the two.

Andrews McMeel Publishing, previously Andrews, McMeel, and Parker, has published books, calendars, and related books, including collections for Andrews McMeel''s Syndication comic strips, which are published by other syndicates.

The Tobias Literary Agency is a full-service literary agency headquartered in New York City, which has satellite offices in Boston, Nashville, and Fort Worth. A specializing in all intellectual property issues in the publishing industry, from the seed of an idea to the day when a book hits the shelves and beyond.

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