Diehard Gleeks 'know' who drives The Masked Singer's reigning queen, Harp, as the preacher

Diehard Gleeks 'know' who drives The Masked Singer's reigning queen, Harp, as the preacher

Season 8 of Wednesday night''s came to Sin City with a "Vegas Night" episode, and there were also three celebrities, two more unmaskings, and one victor, who is now on the lookout.

This week''s episode featured two new competitors in Panther and Pi-Rat. (Yes, that is a pirate-themed rodent.) The big cat, who performed Nina Simone''s "Feeling Good," was both spectators and the judges'' panel guessing an athlete due to his enormous skill, with names like Andre Drummond and Lamar Odom being thrown around.

Due to his short appearance, his use of puppetry and his crowd-working abilities, Pi-Rat, who sang "Crocodile Rock," was a favorite among musicians. However, his remarks that the rodent was emphaticallya dancer led to a jokey stand-off.

The rat, who had the lowest vote on the night, was shockingly revealed mid-episode to be comedian-ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Nevertheless, the "mystery" over who is Harp on has been less of a head-scratcher for viewers.

After a battle between Harp and Panther, the star of Steppenwolf''s "Born to be Wild," Harp proved victorious again, claiming that she was not an athlete at all, but "This is How We Do It." Soul singer-slash pastor Montell Jordan.

What is the name Harp? Here''s why diehard fans think they''ve done it.

Fans are guessing the Harp and the Masked Singer season 8 competitor:

Who are fans who think they are behind this season''s golden girl? Fans were quick to theorize that the celebrity is none other than Amber Riley, who stars in the FOX comedy, with clues deciding on popular performances such as "And I Am Telling You." Here''s what they say on social media.

It''s the Masked Singer who is giving us the covers Amber Riley deserve to sing in Glee pic.twitter.com/iC1m7cseQnSeptember 29, 2022

Me: Why is Amber Riley trending? *clicks**hears one second of her singing*Yeah. Any one who watched Glee knew exactly who the Harp was. I''ll''m no longer watching The Masked Singer but I''m just damning. https://t.co/m0v1qpiCFI September 29, 2022

I dont see the masked singer and i took a look at this and know there''s no way that isn''t the Amber Riley everyone who watched glee should immediately recognize her fire voice yall aint fooling us https://t.co/h5oIiCh7jhSeptember 29, 2022

Like its just TOO easySeptember 29, 2022, the masked singer is never going to have another glee cast member on again.

So far on the masked singer, the harp (aka amber riley) has only singing glee songs??? yea she did this for me #TheMaskedSingerSeptember 29, 2022

Amber Riley is expected to win season 8 of The Masked Singer. She is obviously a performer. Any GLEE fan or anyone who saw a commercial or clip would benefit from that.September 28, 2022

NOT AMBER RILEY ON THE MASKED SINGER!!!! GLEE STANS STAND UP!!! #MaskedSinger pic.twitter.com/o2Foj5TTMZSeptember 22, 2022

@JennyMcCarthy I don''t know the masked singer much, but I can assure you that The "Harp" is Amber Riley, who played Mercedes on Glee, and that you may never see this, but your viewers will and if they hadn''tguessed.... their welcome!September 20, 2022

putting any member of the glee cast on the masked singer is absolutely useless. gleeks can squibb those people out of a crowd of people with one note. dont kid yourself.September 8, 2022

Me who isn''t watching The Masked Singer or Rupaul''s Celeb Drag Race, but who is EXACTLY following Amber and Kevin after 2 seconds of watching https://t.co/lg8KbluIWASeptember 29, 2022

Amber. Baby. We know you. You can''t be going on The Masked Singer.September 29, 2022

When he has a one of a kind voice, amber riley is stepping on the masked singer. September 29, 2022

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