Who's in the Netflix movie Meet the A Jazzman's Blues cast?

Who's in the Netflix movie Meet the A Jazzman's Blues cast?

Do you want to know more about the cast? As we''re examining who plays who, and where you might''ve seen them before, you''ve come to the right place.

From 1937 to 1987, the Deep South story of forbidden love continues in the region for 50 years. In it, we follow a sweet-tempered young musician (Joshua Boone) and a troubled soul (Solea Pfeiffer) who have an on-again, off-again romance, which is woven through a narrative of a musician family.

The film, which was first released on Netflix in September 2022, and is directed by Tyler Perry. There are many great actors involved in the film, and you''ve never seen them before in other films and shows.

Read on to learn more about who''s who in a bit about each character, and what they can do with these actors.

A Jazzmans Blues cast

Joshua Boone as Bayou

Bayou was born into a group of musicians, but while he can sing, he can''t play an instrument like his stepbrother, which has disappointed some of his family. They are divided about a woman named Leanne, but their friendship is a prohibited one because to disapproval of his families.

Joshua Boone is the voice of Bayou, who might be recognized by fans from TV programs such as and He has also performed in movies and shows.

Solea Pfeifferas Leanne

Bayou''s on-again, off-again romantic interest is disturbed by their marriage, forcing her to marry a well-off-Caucasian man. However, despite attempts to keep them apart, their love isn''t quite shattered that easily. She is described as a "troubled soul" and has also hidden secrets.

Solea Pfeiffer plays Leanne in the first national tour of. She is best known for musical roles such as Maria in and Eva in, as well as Eliza Hamilton in the first national tour of. She has also appeared in,and.

Amirah Vannas Hattie Mae

Hattie Mae is Bayou''s talented mother, who loves her son and does laundry to earn a living. However, it is no secret that she loves Bayou''s stepfather and stepbrother, who does not view him as Hattie does.

She is played by actress Amirah Vann, who is well-known for playing Tegan Price in and Zani in, as well as appearing in.

Austin Scott as Willie Earl

Willie Earl is Bayou''s stepbrother, who does not like Bayou and believes he is "sensitive and slow" his father, Buster, is a talented musician, and he is addicted to drugs, which may explain why he resents his stepbrother Bayou.

Austin Scott, who has played him in the TV series and, as well as movies like and.

E. Roger Mitchell as Buster

Buster is Willie Earl''s biological father and husband of Hattie Mae, making him Bayou''s stepfather. However, he is not a very nice person and seriously favors Willie Earl over Bayou, often berating the latter for failing with musical instruments and for being "manly."

E. Roger Mitchell, known for, and.

Who else stars in A Jazzman''''s Blues?

  • Ryan Eggoldas Ira
  • Brent Antonelloas John
  • Brad Benedict as Sheriff Jackson
  • Milauna Jemai Jackson as Citsy
  • Lana Young as Ethel

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