Release date, trailer, and everything we know about the Barney docuseries are all in between: I Love You, You Hate Me

Release date, trailer, and everything we know about the Barney docuseries are all in between: I Love

The new docuseries is attempting to exterminate some of humanity''s hidden urges.

In the 1990s, one of the most well-known pop culture figures wore signature purple and green lines, had an infectious smile, and an instantly recognizable song that fans would still be able to sing once more when prompted today. Barney is also a popular figure who has never heard the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Barney''s unique approach of teaching life lessons was akin to his grown family. However, as fans became more active, things took a dark turn. They grew jealous of the purple dinosaur, causing unabashed hatred. So what happened, in the next documentary, there will be no question.

Here''s everything we know about.

When will the release of the I Love You, and why do you like Me?

Peacock in the United States will watch the two-part docuseries on Wednesday, October 12.

Peacock will be available for potential UK viewers through a subscription to SKY TV or NOW, but we are still waiting for UK release information to be confirmed. After receiving an official word, you may well have the opportunity to pass along a copy.

What is I Love You, You Hate Me about?

Peacock''s synopsis explains the following:

is a limited series focusing on Barney the Dinosaurs'' rise and fall, and what it says about the human need to hate. From Barney-bashing to frat parties to homicide video games, something in American society splintered a million pieces, and its never been established again or is this just who we were all along?"

Who is in the I Love You, You Hate Me cast?

Peacock hasn''t released a full list of all of the docuseries yet, but based on the video, we were able to spot a few big names. For example, everyone''s favorite weatherman Al Roker of the makes an appearance, offering his insight into Barney''s rise and fall. De facto, America''s favorite scientist Bill Nye is on hand to offer his two cents.

In what might be news to some, more than one person voiced the famous purple dinosaur. At least two of the Barney portrayers, Bob West and David Joyner, are also sitting down to discuss the subject.

I Love You, You Hate Me trailer

For those of us who remember how to fall in love with Barney and then watch as Americans in particular turned on him, the trailer makes this documentary a must-watch. Take a look at the stunning clip for yourself.

How to watch I Love You, You Hate Me

Peacock is a Peacock original. Those interested in watching it will require a subscription to the streaming service. There are currently a few options for those interested in joining the program.

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