On October 20, Vampire Survivors will hit 1.0, and the game will be moved to a new engine by the end of this year

On October 20, Vampire Survivors will hit 1.0, and the game will be moved to a new engine by the end

On October 20, Vampire Survivors will be released on 1.0. Developer poncle had previously announced the release date as planned, but didn''t mention the additional features the full release would include, thus allowing their immediate announcements to remain a surprise.

Although reaching 1.0 requires late access, it''s also not the end of the Vampire Survivors series. The task of transferring the game to a new engine continues with the aim of "releasing it by the end of the year."

The official news on the Steam page for Vampire Survivors says that since patch 0.11.3 fulfilled promises from the previous release roadmap, they do not expect to say anything. The content should therefore be a "surprise and hopefully offer a little something to everyone."

Changes to balance items will be made, a nerf for Santa Water/La Borra, and two additional achievements. Version 1.0 will also include official support for new languages, including French, Italian, German, and Korean.

Due to the enormous success of the game, Vampire Survivors can slow to a crawl. For that reason - and as a result of the huge success of the game - poncle announced the intention to switch to a new engine in March.

The upgrade to the Electron version continues. Today''s post says that the new engine should correct common bugs, provide support for multi-core processors and improvement framerates, and provide native support for Linux. However, save data will carry over to the new engine, although the post says that no one will force you to switch to the new one :)

More information on 1.0 will be dribbled out daily between October 7th and its release on the 20th, providing "sometimes just a little detail, sometimes something slightly bigger." Because Vampire Survivors is fantastic.

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