Saraya Debut Her AEW Dynamite Last Night; It Didn't Run Well

Saraya Debut Her AEW Dynamite Last Night; It Didn't Run Well

I''ve been a huge fan of Saraya for over two decades, but it is important to note that AEW should pay attention to the fans'' demands when it comes to the booking of the women''s division.

I''m not sure what the outcome of that segment last night was, but irrespective of the execution (which was not great) I''m not sure how it would have been performed in AEW''s favor. However, people have been complaining that AEW hasn''t really understood its own female talent until the day the company was established. The running issue is that AEW only books women in one segment on every episode of, and that''s more-or-less true, but the situation has only worsened

Saraya is being described as a "revolution" or a savior of the AEW women''s division? This is because it puts me in jeopardy, particularly considering that WWE was successful in resolving a problem of its own making, particularly considering that it was disrespectful for women ten years ago. However, AEW''s rehash of that story demonstrates that despite a retaliation of the organization, AEW took things a

Saraya''s main character is Toni Storm, who is now the interim female model, so why did she need to introduce her last night like an up-and-coming actress in her big-time debut? Furthermore, why did Britt Baker and her heel faction have any concern about Serena Deeb''s title, and why did Penelope Ford even do there? None of this had a particularly plausible explanation, other than as a way to encourage women to participate as lumberjacks, which was, for unex

Perhaps the greatest part of the whole thing was that Baker outmaneuvered Saraya on the mic, which is not the best look for your debuting babyface legend. Pointing out that Baker''s first name echoes "shit," especially when AEW was forced to censor the word, was a gloomy moment. Baker also showed that even if Hayter is not the focus of the game, it is unlikely that Hayter will continue to support the crowd''s chants, but this is

Saraya is probably the last person to be dissatisfied with her previous employer, given all of the trash I''ve seen about WWE over the years, but even AEW''s anti-WWE fanbase has ruled her out. Despite all of the criticism she''s faced, Saraya insists that she has seen no change in her appearance. Obviously, it''s unlikely that Bryan Danielson would have used her earlier employer, but he does not like AEW.

I''m so proud of the women yesterday. Not only did they get more than 5 mins to have a match. It was the first lumberjack match ever. A woman on commentary and a decent portion of the roster being showcased. That''s a win (even if I was a little rusty )

SARAYA (@Saraya) September 29, 2022

AEW is engaging in a deliberate effort to improve the on-screen product, but this isn''t necessarily beneficial. Some times, Tony Khan''s reaction is reflected in a supportive effort to improve the show''s performance. Bandido and Juice Robinson ended the day with an excellent match between Serena Deeb and Toni Storm. Hopefully, someone in the organization is paying attention and making an effort to improve the women''s division and use Saraya, a legitimate character who might have been

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