Stadia will be shut down next year

Stadia will be shut down next year

People who enjoy cloud computing will no longer be permitted to do so. On Thursday, Phil Harrison, the VP and GM of, announced that the cloud service will no longer be available by January 18, 2023. Consumers who have liked and used the service will receive refunds for all purchases by mid-January 2023.

It''s still strange seeing Google giving up on Stadia because it never reached the whole world. Even those who were given the chance to try it did not praise it at all. Although, it was widely known that due to a lack of connections, it would often be infected with a negative input lag.

The savings and the technological left behind will not become complete dissolution, as it will be used for some of Google''s other services.

Google''s official blog has been made public.

With all of the above mentioned, the Stadia category on this website will be removed.

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