Fight or Fright Event Announced by Apex Legends in 2022

Fight or Fright Event Announced by Apex Legends in 2022

Respawn Entertainment is expanding its offerings to add another Halloween event to the game. As with many events planned during this time of year, you''ll have a number of additional features (mostly cosmetics) to play for a few weeks. The event will be running from October 4th to November 1st, with plenty of opportunities to take advantage of these amazing challenges each week. Below, you may see more details from the executives about what to expect here.

This time around, Revenant explores a new realm for your nightmares. A blood moon hangs above the city in the sky. Walk through the dark streets, Fight in the Fright Night arena, and banish legends to the shadow realm in Olympus After Dark.

  • Shadow Royale LTM (October 4 October 11) It wouldn''''t be Fight or Fright without the return of the Shadow Royale LTM. For the first time ever, hunt your opponents amid the gloaming of Olympus After Dark.
  • Gun Run LTM (October 11 October 18) During the second week of Fight or Fright, don''''t miss the return of Gun Run, with Olympus After Dark joining the rotation with the previous two maps, including Fragment East (World''''s Edge) and Skull Town (Kings Canyon).
  • Control LTM (October 18 October 25) On October 18, retake Control on Olympus after Dark, World''''s Edge and Storm Point.
  • Shadow Royale LTM (October 25 November 1) For the final week of the event, return to Shadow Royale and show the skinsuits what you''''ve learned throughout Fight or Fright

Check out new Halloween-themed skins in the Store tab, like Ash''s "Inner Demon" and Seer''s "Bladed Wanderer." Players may also select up Legendary skins for Wraith, including the Voidwalker bundle from October 11 and Pathfinder bundles, as well as special discounts to bundles and Apex packs throughout the event.

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