Pokemon UNITE has everything you need to know about Scyther and Scizor, including their Technician Ability, their different moves, their Green Illusion Dive and Red Illusion Dive Unite Moves

Pokemon UNITE has everything you need to know about Scyther and Scizor, including their Technician A

Pokemon UNITEiscontinuing to add new content, including new playable characters and in-game items, on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more.

Test your mettle with a Melee All-Rounder that you can select between two combat options.

Scizor is prepared to pincer the competition inPokemon UNITE. This Pokemon is sure to turn heads on Aeos Island. Scizor can get 14,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee store.

Before you travel to Aeos Island, read on to learn more about what this Pokemon has to offer.

Scizor starts each match as Scyther, but unlike most Pokemon in Pokemon UNITE, it can choose to remain unevolved. If Scyther learns the moveDual Wingbeatat Lv. 5, it will instead evolve into Scizor for the remainder of the match. Speed and damage are the game''s name for Scyther.

Scythers basic attack becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, which requires additional damage and increasing Scythers'' movement speed for a short time. Both are familiar with the AbilityTechnician: After the Pokemon uses a move, its next basic attack will change and deal two successive basic attacks instead. The second of these deals decreased damage.

Fury Cutter

In a cone in front of itself, a Scyther cuts twice, causing damage to the opposite Pokemon it encounters. The second slash does much more damage than the first.

Quick Attack

Scyther moves forward, dealing with the opposing Pokemon it contacts along the way.

Dual Wingbeat

Scyther slashes in front of itself with both of its scythes, dealing damage to an opposing Pokemon in an X-shaped area of effect. IfDual Wingbeathits an opposing Pokemon, Scythers HP can be used again within a set amount of time. The dash deals more damage to the opposing Pokemons HP.Dual Wingbeatcan be upgraded to its damage.

Punch of a bullet

With tough punches, the scizor flees in a designated direction and approaches opposing Pokemon. IfBullet Punchhits opposing Pokemon, its cooldown is reduced, and Scizor recovers a portion of its HP once more based on the amount of damage experienced. IfBullet Punchcan be upgraded to a maximum of five punches. If the move strikes an opposing Pokemon, Scizor may receive a shield.

Double Hit

The user tries to dodge obstacles during the jump and marks them once more. In the designated direction, the user lands and starts hitting opponents withDouble Hit. All users are reducing their cooldowns.Double Hitcan has been upgraded to reduce its cooling properties.

Swords Dance

The user reaches a distant distance, increasing its Attack for a short time. While the user''s eighth basic attack becomes an area-of-effect attack that pierces through opposing Pokemon in a line.Swords Dancecan be upgraded to reduce the damage the user receives from opposing Pokemon while dashing.

Scyther smashes and attacks a designated Pokemon on the opposing team, then produces five illusory copies of themselves that each dashes a set distance from Scyther. After a few attempts, the copies return to Scyther, dealing damage to their opposing Pokemon they make contact with. Green Illusion Divecan be used again before the illusory copies return to Scyther. At the end of the dash, the copies die in the designated direction and

Scizor dashes before punching consecutive punches on a designated Pokemon on the opposing team, decreasing that Pokemons movement speed. For a short time,Red Illusion Divecan be used again. If Scizor hits an opposing Pokemon while dashing, it removes the ground and does damage to other Pokemon in the area of effect. If Scizor hits an illusory copy, it will be incapacitated.

Scyther and Scizor offer similar playstyles depending on whether you stay as the former or become the latter. Both Scyther and Scizor are both quick, highly mobile Pokemon, but Scyther has even more mobility withDual Wingbeat, while Scizor has even greater durability withBullet Punch. Plus, Scythers'' advanced basic attack offers additional damage, while Scizors can boost its Defense.

Scyther is more powerful in situations where the opponent Pokemon lacks clues that might affect its speed and the bonus damage it does with its improved basic attacks. Scythers Unite Move also deals more damage than Scizors, making it more adept at defeating opponents. Keep an eye on the fact that Scyther is less durable than Scizor.

Scizor''s Unite Move is more damaging than it may stun an opposing Pokemon, making it a powerful offensive tool that indirectly increases Scizors'' Defense. With its increased basic attacksas as well as heal itself withBullet Punchonly, Scizor is a powerful play.

Spotlight for Scizor Characters | Pokemon UNITE

When Scizor returns to Pokemon UNITE on September 28, you may adapt your strategy to the situation.

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