If you believe Escape From Tarkov is dead, then youre mistaken

If you believe Escape From Tarkov is dead, then youre mistaken

Right now, Battlestate Games are in a deadlock, with everyone criticizing them for being quiet. I have to say, however, that their first-person shooter Escape From Tarkov is still alive, and its online services are still working, which proves that the developer is still alive. Recently, they also made a few server-side adjustments, so yes, they are here.

The discussions about EFT and BSG are likely to be misleading.

You may have seen a slew of videos made by content creators who, without understanding the situation in Russia, lean into the subject simply because they want to. The truth is that no one knows the situation in Russia. It''s important to remember that whatever you have heard or been told, it''s important to know how good BSG is, and why it''s silent.

False Promises, boo-hoo

Yes, we have been promised a lot of things, and they are not here until we first see Lightkeeper. Who knows? Yes, it does not necessarily mean that the developer is not working on the game, or that the developers have left the company due to military action or mobilization. Chaps, can we enjoy life and stop talking about wars? I''m just sick and tired of it. Whatever happens, may happen. If youre not impaired by it or have no knowledge of the situation, don''t add fuel to the

Tarkov is still around

Stop predicting the future like Baba Vanga and relax while you enjoy playing Escape From Tarkov. If the game servers are running, then no, the game is dead. I have watched BSG from 2016 through. I''m sure no one ever knew them before, but please avoid the spread of lies over the internet. It''s getting weird every time I see or read it.

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