What does the plot twist mean for Dont Worry Darling's final?

What does the plot twist mean for Dont Worry Darling's final?

What is the mystery at the heart of the ending? (And no, were not talking about "spitgate (opens in new tab)") The plot of the psychological thriller suggests that something sinister is at play in the seemingly charming town of Victory where married couple, Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) live.

Now that you have the ability to watch in cinemas, you may go watch and unravel the mystery for yourself. If you were still curious, we were there to assist you with the conclusion.

Read on to learn more about the Victory project, whether Alice and Jack make it what, and the final moments of the film.


What is the Victory Project in Dont Worry Darling''s End?

The men are all employees of something called the Victory Project, led by the mysterious Frank (Chris Pine), while women stay at home or enjoy group activities like shopping, dancing, or lounging by the pool (with all other company wives). There are a few rules: the women cannot go beyond the town border into the desert, and the men cannot tell their wives exactly what they''re doing outside of stating they''re "developing progressive materials."

One day, Alice discovers a plane crash in the desert and decides to try and assist. Unlike Alice, she discovers a mysterious structure at the top of a mountain, and she is confronted with strange visions and scares, waking up hours later in her bed at home without any explanation on how she got there. Both people claim that Alice is going through a psychotic episode and have her taken away for treatment, just as happened to Margaret (Kiki Layne) earlier in the movie.

Alice discovers that Victory is not actually the real world. It''s a simulation. Every day, the men of Victory exit and enter the simulation, paying to continue being a part of the Victory Project and maintain their wives'' "body health."

Although some women, like Bunny (played by Olivia Wilde), have chosen to participate in the Victory Project (in her case this is so she can live in a world where her children are alive again shades of ), most situations appear to be similar to Alice and Jack''s, where Jack traps Alice in this simulated world. In the real world (pre-Victory Project simulation), Alice began listening to online posts from Frank that promote the Victory Project and is dismissed in (it''s a social media

What happens to Alice and Jack in the finale of Dont Worry Darling?

Alice is believed to be capable of returning to Victory after receiving her "treatment." However, when Jack hums a tune that in the real world he used to sing to Alice (and that Alice had in her head the entire film but could never place), the truth comes rushing back to her. When Jack attempts to use force to control her, Alice smashes a glass against his head, killing him.

Bunny notices that even though this is a simulation if you die in Victory, you also die in the real world. So Jack is really dead. Bunny tells Alice that she must both make sure that her physical body will not die now that Jack can no longer take care of her, and that the people behind The Victory Project don''t try to silence her.

Explain the finale of Don''t Worry Darling: Is Alice escaping Victory?

Alice gets caught in Jacks'' car and makes for the desert, pursued by Victory employees. During the chase, Dr. Collins (Timothy Simmons) one of the designers behind the Victory Project drives after her as well, but he crashes with other Victory employees and kills, giving Alice a clear head start on others pursuing her.

Frank is monitoring the whole thing from his home in Victory. However, when he learns Dr. Collins is dead and Alice has a clear path to escape, he is stabbed by his wife Shelley (Gemma Chan) who claims that its her turn to take over.

Alice travels up the mountain towards the portal back to the real world in a hurry, crashes the car and gets stuck, so she go the rest of the way on foot. The screen cuts to black, but all we see is Alice gasp for breath before the title appears and the credits roll.

So did Alice escape? decided for an unambiguous ending. The first time Alice touched the property in Victory with a similar gasp, although Shelley was likely to reintroduce Alice back into the simulation (and was she responsible for Alice''s hallucination of Jack, too)? Or is it for Alice to finally flee the Victory Project and return to living her own life?

So, it''s up to you how you want to interpret the Don''t Worry Darling ending, but we personally hope that Alice was successful in escaping Victory.

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