'He shot him,' says bloodlands fans, as body count rises

'He shot him,' says bloodlands fans, as body count rises

The plot for the second season of ''''s thickened, and some viewers were shocked to see a second person murdered!

When Tom and Niamh first arrived on episode 2, Robert Dardis''s assistant''d retrace him and ask him for interviews.

During his interview, Tom met pressure on Rob Dardis to reveal what he learned about the incident by threatening that social services may have his son removed. This led to Dardis being ejected and placed under surveillance at his home.

He had to be moved after being targeted by a stranger at his house, and Dardis was separated from his family and placed in a different location. Shockingly, Tom lured him away during the night, and began to stoke Dardis into giving him more information about the incident.

Dardis soon became wise to Tom''s scheme and discovered that he was Goliath. When he realized that he had the upper hand, he demanded Tom take him back to the safehouse. Although Tom had other intentions, though, he shot him... just like he murdered Adam Corry in season 1.

While some viewers were hoping that Tom would make another murder, there were a few surprise reactions on social media, with one observer saying, "Didn''t expect him to shoot the guy, then go aboard a boat and dump the body!"

Didn''t expect him to shoot the guy before getting aboard a boat and dump his body! #BloodlandsSeptember 25, 2022

He shot him in a terrible hell! #BloodlandsSeptember 25, 2022

Big Jimmy is really out there shooting everyone #BloodlandsSeptember 25, 2022

Tom''s first season of the show has really enacted into his criminal side, as he continues to track down the missing gold. However, his criminal instincts have also left some viewers unhappy about how he hasn''t managed to get caught yet!

"Don''t get me wrong, I''m enjoying Bloodlands, but I''m having trouble understanding how he keeps getting away with killing people and being extremely corrupt!" One fan said: "Surely he''d have been wrong by now?!"

Don''t be wrong, im a fan of #Bloodlands, but am having trouble understanding how he keeps getting away with killings and being absolutely corrupt! Perhaps he would have been wrong by now?! September 25, 2022

I''m taking #Bloodlands seriously. How can a bent copper get away with that much without anyone being caught on the back of the page? September 25, 2022

Tom did his best to detonate his tracks by dubbing the body and cleaning his car after returning home, but he''s still determined to recover the missing gold. Will he retaliate for finding out where Dardis was stashed, or will someone else uncover Tom''s identity and criminal past before he can discover it?

Season 2 of BBC One continues on Sunday, October 2 at 9 pm. So far, you may get caught up with the series on BBC iPlayer. (Opens in a new tab)

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