Giles and Mary of Gogglebox attack a hilarious dancer

Giles and Mary of Gogglebox attack a hilarious dancer

Giles and Mary have popped into ITV, causing widespread amusement among viewers.

As series 20 of the Channel 4 show continues, everyone''s favorite armchair critics gathered down to watch another batch of the biggest shows on television. While some of the regular viewers remained big fans of, it''s pretty clear Giles and Mary don''t feel the same way!

One fan who shared a clip on Twitter commented on the pair''s retaliating. Check out what Giles had to say about the show in the following clip:

As Stacey Dooley in The Masked Dancer, Gogglebox Giles and Mary face off against a dancing prawn. This is arguably one of the most outrageous criticisms I have ever encountered on the show. 25, 2022

Mary blasts the celebrity dance competition for saying it "so horrible" and "each of the most time-wasting programs there''s ever been" as the show drew the spotlight.

The actors were revealed to be watching the show featuring Prawn Cocktail, a wildly diverse set of classic costumes. After a few choice clues about their celebrity appearance, Prawn Cocktail was staged and immediately became the presenter and former star of Stacey Dooley.

Some of the other viewers were noticing the vibe of the show and looking to see who Prawn Cocktail was. Giles, however, couldn''t believe of a show he''d rather watch than scathing. He said, "I''d hate to be in a nursing home, and, have this on in the background and die to this. That''s the worst thing ever. Imagine if your last memory of this world was that prawn dancing."

Many of Giles'' fans expressed their delight in Mary''s displeasure remarks. In a response to the above clip, one viewer wrote: "Love these two and i believe Giles has been my favourite on the show for years."

Another said, "They''re the best people on gogglebox for sure," while a third fan added, "Giles and Mary should do the whole show, they''re the best people on gogglebox."

Channel 4 continue on Fridays at 9 pm, so get caught up with previous episodes on-demand.

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