Shirley Carter exposes Sam Mitchell's shocking secrets in EastEnders

Shirley Carter exposes Sam Mitchell's shocking secrets in EastEnders

In Monday''s episode of(7:30 pm. see ourTV Guidefor full listings) Shirley Carter tells Phil Mitchell about Sam''s crazed habit.

As Billy Mitchell''s court appearance approaches, he seeks reassurance from Sam Mitchell, who gives him moral support.

Then, Keeble is ramping on the pressure on a guilt-ridden Phil when she threatens to go after the rest of the Mitchell clan unless solicitor Jimmie is removed from the game.

Shirley chooses to take advantage of the situation and extorts Sam for more money, mending to tell Phil the truth that Sam has been working with Jonah to scam him for months.

Sam does not believe her threats, but a defiant Shirley find Phil yuan where they meet with Jonah, who is looking for Sam.

When Jonah grabs Sam''s arm, things turn violent, but Phil joins in and punches Jonah and the evil drug dealer quickly confronts the family with a real danger.

Shirley removes the bombshell that Sam has betrayed him and has been scamming him for months, leaving Phil in jeopardy.

Alfie Moon goes to the theme park and sends the kids to Kat Slater because she told them that she would go to a museum.

Eve Unwin tells Stacey Slater that she and Suki Panesar kissed. Stacey promises to keep the quiet as Eve worries about Suki''s health, where she''s currently reeling from Ranveer''s murder.

Lola Pearce has a strategy to scout Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway in a bid to reconcile with them by volunteering at Vi Highway.

Jay Brown is then recruited to help with her plans, and Callum returns to see Ben, Jay, and Lola in front of Vi.

He and Ben soon notice that it''s a series, and they both admit that they still have feelings for each other. Ben''s SOIT officer has briefly paused the sweet moment. What will the SOIT officer say?

Ravi Ghulati starts off in Nina. Will she suspect something to Ranveer?

On BBC One, the show continues on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

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