Scarlett Kiernan finds a new job in Doctors

Scarlett Kiernan finds a new job in Doctors

Scarlett Kiernan on today''s episode of (1:45pm) finds herself a part-time job to do on the side. Scarlett notices Yusuf''s legs are bothering him. After Scarlett discovers if Yusuf is okay, he quickly changes the subject. However, it quickly becomes clear that Yusuf is still in trouble. WHAT''s going on?

After Maeve Ludlow''s arrival, Karen Hollins (Jan Pearson) sees Jimmi Clay down-in-the-dumps. However, Karen offers a suggestion to assist Jimmi with his heartburn. When Jimmi comes out, he is surprised to discover that the bar is populated with some sort of event. But will Jimmi agree to do so without knowing what''s going on?

Ellsewhere in Letherbridge, his midwife, Kristen Patel, gives birth to her baby. Cassie is alone after breaking-up with her partner, Ivan Speight (Peter Barrett). However, Peter arrives at the hospital to visit Cassie. However, after Peter''s concerns, will she be willing to offer him another chance?

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