Lola Pearce is in DANGER after Jonah's thugs, according to EastEnders spoilers

Lola Pearce is in DANGER after Jonah's thugs, according to EastEnders spoilers

In Wednesday''s episode of (7:30 pm. see ourTV Guidefor full listings) Lola Pearce stumbles on Jonah''s difficult hands as a party at Peggy''s plunges into depreciation.

After Jonah confronts Sam Mitchell for the rest of his money, a disgruntled Jonah returns to Peggy''s with two thugs to collect his sum.

After discovering Jonah in the office, Lola Pearce confronts Jonah''s wrath and his two thugs.

In a case of a mistaken identity, they enthuse her into opening the safe, where she struggles and manages to escape.

The heavies are throwing her into the party, but will everyone make it out of the embarrassment?

Meanwhile, Alfie Moon fails to sift any interest in The Vic until he realizes that everyone is going to Jay''s surprise party at Peggy''s.

Lola has taken a break from his party, which he believes is to gain acceptance. It''s not long before Linda Carter notices his modesty and confronts him, declaring that his behavior will not be tolerated at The Vic, but Alfie will not return from a fight.

Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway are unsure if they should inform Lola that Jay Brown doesn''t want to celebrate his birthday.

Lola waits for everyone to arrive later on, ignoring her that Alfie has bungled her intentions.

Ben and Callum are forced to inform him of Lola''s surprise, but they are unable to persuade a reluctant Jay to show up.

Jay arrives and fakes his excitement to the crowd, and Lola encourages Jay to enjoy himself, which is when she discovers that Jay already knew about the surprise. The couple then share an intimate moment as Jay mentions that Lola was his love of his life.

Shirley Carter offers a tense vision as Rocky prepares to make a speech for Jay. What the hell is?

After the confrontation with Stacey Slater, Suki Panesar has had an icy exchange with Eve Unwin. Eve clocks on that Stacey has mentioned something to Suki and confronts Stacey.

Vinny Panesar, who was enraged at his mother''s house, asks Suki about their friendship with their father, seeking answers.

On BBC One, the game starts on Thursday at 8:30 pm.

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