Max Turner is beaten! Coronation Street spoilers

Max Turner is beaten! Coronation Street spoilers

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Max Turner is confronted by bullies.

Max Turner requests to be picked up at the start of school instead of taking the bus. In the Freshco car park, Max is accosted by Blake and Chris who grab his lunch, break his phone, and douse him in water. As the lads film his humiliation, Max fights his tears.

Later, a disgraced Max appears, upset that David did not pick him up, leaving him at his bullies'' mercy.

In the hopes of connecting with his daughter and granddaughter, Stu is still planning on dropping his case.

When Dee-Dee tells Alya that she has received the money for the test, Alya keeps Stus'' wishes a secret and says Dee-Dee everything has to go through her. When Eliza meets up at Speed Daal, Stu insists on calling Bridget. When Lucy and Bridget turn up to collect Eliza, Alya gives them an opportunity and invites them to eat.

Later, she removes Dee-Dee and, preparing a mug that Lucy drank from earlier, insists they have it tested for DNA so they can finally know if she is the perpetrator of the Charlies murder.

Aaron confronts Summer that he has confiscated his dads wallet to prevent him buying booze and discovered a bag of cannabis. Billy and Todd discover a shady Aaron and Summer in the flat, off their faces on freshly baked weed brownies.

Billys is appalled and sends them off to hide in the living room as he prepares to try one of the brownies and demands a stop, but is it too late?

Billy starts teaching Aaron about the dangers of prescription medications, but Summer notices that she is sick of being told what to do.

Brian breaks Ken aside and warns him that Marys is on the verge of abandoning the play. Keen to dismiss bias allegations, Ken asks Nigel to collaborate on her monologue, and Wendys is dissatisfied with his apparent snub.

Nigel advises Ken that he would quite like to ask Wendy out himself, but Ken advises him to go ahead and ask - although Wendy is confused when she realizes it was Kens'' idea. She is confused and needs some clarifications. Confronting Ken, she requests several answers.

Aggie offers to go shopping with him in order to ensure that he don''t pay Sally a totally unimaginative gift. When Ed determines where she''s been, she tells out she had a dinner with a girlfriend.

The service for the Friday afternoon will be held at 8pm.

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