Tim Metcalfe impresses Sally in Coronation Street spoilers

Tim Metcalfe impresses Sally in Coronation Street spoilers

In tonight''s episode of (8.00pm, see our TV Guide for full listings). Tim Metcalfe is in Sallys excellent books.

In a bid to end Sally, Tim pretends to have forgotten his wedding anniversary. But his plan reverses when she tears up his card and leaves No.4 in a hoax. He takes her down and gives her a beautiful necklace for their anniversary.

Sally rewards No.4 as a romantic grotto and serves Tim with a special anniversary dinner.

Tim is gratifying and gives Aggie a necklace to say thanks for aiding him, but she cannot help but feel guilty when Dee-Dee admires it.

Aarons dad arrives at the garage, frighteningly depressed and dangerous, threatens Aaron over the stolen cash and weed, but hes quickly dispatched to Kevin. Aaron later meets up with Summer, and she finds out that his father was waiting for him and he was attacked when he arrived.

Fiz has told him about Aaron stealing weed from his father, and Paul calls at the flower shop flat and prepares him for being astray. Aaron winced in pain and lashes out, punching Paul in the face as Summer watches in shock.

Paul tells Billy hes reporting him to the cops. But when Aaron explains to Billy that his dad regularly beats him, Billy is sympathetic and flees to stop Paul from reporting him. Will he get to him in time?

Dee-Dee admits to Alya that she hasnt returned to her degree in LA but hasnt told her family yet. When she examines Speed Daal with paperwork to sign, Zeedan realizes she hasnt dropped the Stus case at all. After listening to her reasoning she says she will send the cup off and if Stu changes his mind then they will have the results for him.

Wendy attends No.1 and explains why she was shocked by Kens'' statements, but shares his passion and hopes to be his companion. Will Mary get the gig when she says she will leave her leading role?

David and Shona are delighted by Maxs'' glowing reporting from the PRU and they will ask Weatherfield High to take him back.

While Max tries to work, hes forced to accept Maria''s invitation to join her in her conversation with a young lady.

When Max reports that Maria introduced him to Daryan, and they received a lot of attention, Shonas impressed and exposes Davids enquiring about him returning to his old school.

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