Following a shocking murder warning, Coronation Street enthusiasts decide what will go next

Following a shocking murder warning, Coronation Street enthusiasts decide what will go next

Fans watched the show last night in shock as Leo Thompkins was murdered by Stephen Reid.

Stephen is in dire financial difficulties, and with his estranged wife Gabrielle on his case for the money he stole from her, he couldn''t see a way out.

Leo discovered Stephen was planning to sell Audrey''s house from under her and - foolishly - told Steve what he''d found out.

Leo was planning to travel to Canada with Jenny Connor. But a moment of tension on the balcony at Underworld engulfed him. And when Leo dropped his phone and tented to pick it up, Stephen saw his chance.

As he opened rugby playing Leo off the balcony and into the bin below, spectators were stunned by his cold-hearted self-pairing (and, let''s be honest, be somewhat surprised by his strength).

Stephen began concealing his crime when Leo lay among the factory rubbish, but proceeded to go back later and move the body.

Is this the beginning of a new serial killer narrative for?

Fans cling to it, and they think they''ve identified who Stephen might kill next.

So @itvcorrie Im guessing that Stevens Wife will be murdered next year? #coronationstreet #corrieSeptember 26, 2022

Im guessing that Stephen will absolutely kill again Im considering that he will be his ex-wife #corrieSeptember 27, 2022

Some viewers believe Stephen''s miserable ex-wife Gabrielle is someone who should be watching her back.

Let''s not forget that Richard Hillman, the ex of Street slain Richard Hillman, knew a similar fate when she offered him money!

Audrey is required to be careful, although other fans say, because Stephen wants to get his mucky mitts on her moolah.

Stephen would use her money to kill Audrey. @itvcorrie #Corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrieSeptember 26, 2022

It''s quite possible that murderers kill once per day, but let''s not forget this one!

Stephen is on his way to completing a victim count against Pat Phelan, Richard Hillman, or John Stape?

It looks great too!

How long does Stepehn stay afloat from LeoThen kills his wifeThen fails to kill Audrey?A dayA weekA month? #corrieSeptember 26, 2022

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