Will Taylor be released by Emmerdale for JILT Kim Tate?

Will Taylor be released by Emmerdale for JILT Kim Tate?

In Friday''s episode, s Will Taylor make a drunken confession (ITV, 7.00 pm) (See our TV Guide for more information).

Kim Tate and Will Chapmans'' wedding is almost approaching its time to celebrate with their family members. Yet the couples'' stag and hen dos are where things begin to unravel.

While Lydia offers a treat for Kim, Will is plastered and accomplishes something he may wish to regret.

When Harriet''s ex-wife-to-be tells her she''s still in love with her and will always be, how will she react?

Is Will getting an appointment on things at the eleventh hour with Kim? Or jilt her at the altar? Is he real-time adamant about Harriet or is he just drunk and tactictic?

Nate Robinson is experiencing great difficulties with her marriage to Naomi. Tracy, his ex, has returned to the village with their daughter Frankie.

Nate and Tracy were once madly in love, but when he cheated on her, their relationship fell apart and she moved away with their little daughter.

Nate was stunned when he saw her again as his emotions faded, and is Tracy feeling the same way?

Nicola is left completely depressed when she and Ethan have a run-in. She has decided that she''ll have the last word and has filed a serious complaint about the village vicar Charles, who is Ethan''s father.

Will saint Nicola put Charles'' religious career at jeopardy? Will he still be able to perform Kim Tates'' wedding?

ITV continue to host weeknights from 7.00pm.

  • Rhona Goskirk - Zoe Henry (opens in new tab)
  • Paddy Kirk - Dominic Brunt (opens in new tab)
  • Kim Tate - Claire King
  • Harriet Finch - Katherine Dow Blyton (opens in new tab)
  • Eric Pollard - Chris Chittell
  • Bear Wolf - Joshua Richards
  • Jai Sharma - Chris Bisson
  • Rishi Sharma - Bhasker Patel
  • Priya Kotecha - Fiona Wade
  • Jacob Gallagher - Joe-Warren Plant
  • Wendy Posner - Susan Cookson
  • Bob Hope - Tony Audenshaw
  • Amy Wyatt - Natalie Ann Jamieson (opens in new tab)
  • Liam Cavanagh - Jonny McPherson
  • Leyla Cavanagh - Roxy Shahidi
  • Rodney Blackstock - Patrick Mower
  • Brenda Walker - Lesley Dunlop
  • Matty Barton- Ash Palmisciano
  • Amelia Spencer - Daisy Campbell
  • Dan Spencer - Liam Fox
  • April Windsor - Amelia Flanagan
  • Nate Robinson - Jurell Carter
  • Dawn Fletcher - Olivia Bromley
  • Manpreet Jutla - Rebecca Sarker
  • Ryan Stocks - James Moore (opens in new tab)
  • Billy Fletcher - Jay Kontzle
  • Will Taylor - Dean Andrews
  • Mackenzie Boyd - Lawrence Robb
  • Kim Tate - Claire King
  • Bernice Blackstock - Sam Giles
  • Marlon Dingle - Mark Charnock
  • Zak Dingle - Steve Halliwell
  • Mandy Dingle - Lisa Riley (opens in new tab)
  • Vinny Dingle - Bradley Johnson
  • Liv Dingle - Isobel Steele (opens in new tab)
  • Cain Dingle - Jeff Hordley (opens in new tab)
  • Moira Dingle (opens in new tab) - Natalie J Robb (opens in new tab)
  • Chas Dingle - Lucy Pargeter (opens in new tab)
  • Belle Dingle - Eden Taylor-Draper (opens in new tab)
  • Charity Dingle - Emma Atkins (opens in new tab)
  • Sam Dingle - James Hooten
  • Lydia Dingle - Karen Blick
  • Noah Dingle - Jack Downham
  • Samson Dingle - Sam Hall

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