Suspect: The release date, the cast, the plot, the trailer, and all we know about it

Suspect: The release date, the cast, the plot, the trailer, and all we know about it

James Nesbitt is on the lookout for his daughters as a murdered detective.

On BritBox, the film, which has already been shown in the United Kingdom, is now available to US viewers.

Everything you need to know about the drama

Suspect release date

On BritBox, the US''s first release date is Tuesday 27 September.

The series may be streamed in the United Kingdom, however, and some viewers may watch it for the first time on All4.

BritBox is the #1 way to get to know all of your favourite British shows from the BBC and ITV. It can also be seen via Amazon Prime Video Channels (opens in a new tab). Your subscription, including billing, is handled by your Amazon account, giving you the option to watch as much as you want for a single price.

Suspect: Whats the story?

A devastating shock when Danny Frater discovers Christina, a young woman on the slab, is his estranged daughter. The autopsy suggests suicide, but Dannys is convinced Christina was murdered and is on the lookout for her killer.

Suspect: Whos in it?

James Nesbitt is led by Joely Richardson (), who plays pathologist Jackie Sowden, Anne-Marie Duff (), as Dannys ex-wife Susannah, and Richard E. Grant () as business mogul Harry Carr.

Niamh Algar (), as Christinas partner, Antonia Thomas () as lap-dancing club manager Maia, Sacha Dhawan () as drug dealer Jaisal, Sam Heughan () as Dannys ex-police partner Ryan, and Ben Miller () as Dannys'' former boss, Richard.

James reveals that "Danny" is a very complicated, difficult, sad, angry man who we encounter in a terrible state. When he sees Christina''s dead body in the mortuary, it re-ignites both the copper and the father in him as he attempts to uncover the truth about his daughter.

"We learn that Danny didnt fulfill his duties as a father or as a husband," says Danny, who believes he let his daughter down. Danny separated from his whole responsibility; to his ex-wife, his daughter, his job, and himself. This is his last chance at redemption.

What sets the suspect apart from other crime dramas?

The whole episode, which is similar to those of other cop programs, is divided into eight half-hour episodes, with a different actor playing opposite James in each episode.

Danny and these two-handers enjoy a quiet conversation with someone who was close to his daughter Christina and who may have played a role in her demise.

James recalls the thrill of filming the scenes:

"As an actor, youre always seeks something that will challenge you," he adds. ''And this was really interesting,'' says the narrator. ''The other actors helped me greatly by their own skill. They each came in for one episode, but they all took it so seriously.

"Because there are only two of you, you really have to trust each other, which lends itself to acquiring something very painful, but very real. All of them brought an authenticity, a truth, and a voice to their character, which made it easy for me to decelerate them. It was electric."

Suspect: Is there a trailer?

There is absolutely nothing to offer. Click here for a teaser to relax:

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