As Eve rescues Suki, EastEnders fans go wild for 'Sukeve.'

As Eve rescues Suki, EastEnders fans go wild for 'Sukeve.'

During last night''s episode, viewers were reeling at forbidden lovers ''Sukeve,'' according to Suki Panesar''s (Balvinder Sopal) team, who has been in dreadful turmoil since the killing of Ranveer.

Suki walked aimlessly around the Square in her nightgown in the early hours of the morning during Last night''s episode.

A concerned Eve rushed out of his cab to be by her side after Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) noticed Suki wandering around in a trance-like state.

Suki was taken home by her daughter Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) who tested her over at the doctor''s surgery, but Suki was horrified and didn''t tell her anything.

Nina Ranveer''s wife prescribed Suki some sleeping pills, stating that it was just a bad dream, and that it was her''mugging.''

Meanwhile, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) tried to reassure her worried family and Eve that Suki had been asleep recently because she was experiencing tense seizures.

Eve brought Suki back to the world where the two were alone, but Suki nearly confessed everything, but was hampered by a panicked Ravi who was concerned that Suki would expose the crime.

Ravi requested Eve to leave, but Eve wasn''t convinced by his lies about Suki and suspected that there was going on something else.

Ravi was forced to leave the school after his son, Nugget, had a problem with Amy Branning and Denzel, but was placed on probation.

Eve saised the opportunity to speak with Suki on her own without Ravi''s interfering.

Eve failed to believe her as Suki attempted to persuade her that she was fit, saying: "You know me, and you know you can trust me as well."

Suki''s mother told her to leave, but Eve refused.

"There''s something you were going to say to me when Ravi came in earlier. "There''s something you still want to say to me, and I''m not going anywhere until you say it," Eve said. Will Suki tell her the truth?

Fans'' hearts swooped at the powerful scenes between ''Sukeve'' and the loving relationship that began to form...

Plus screenshots will be available later, but I need to calm down first!!! #EastEndersSeptember 26, 2022 #Sukeve #EastEnders

Suki was in a bad mood! Bless her! I immediately thought that Suki Love was cute! I just melted when Eve called Suki Love, I thought it was cute! Thank you for the encouragement! Now my heart is racing like mad! #Eastenders #Sukeve #SukiPanesar #EveUnwin #BalvinderPeace 26, 2022

Ece loves so much about Suki My Sukeve hearttt #EastEndersSeptember 26, 2022.

Suki is so much omg #Sukeve #Eastenders 26, 2022

The love I have for #Sukeve and the journey they have made since February is incredible.. Suki and Eve are one of the best slow burn female LGBT couples to come into #EastEnders in such a long time. Suki is slowly dropping her guard and the trust is starting to come through 27, 2022

On BBC One, the show continues tonight at 7:30pm.

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