viewers of 'Ridiculous' to 'Exciting' Inside Man have been disgruntled due to the David Tennant drama

viewers of 'Ridiculous' to 'Exciting' Inside Man have been disgruntled due to the David Tennant dram

The latest BBC drama, directed by David Tennant, has completely divided viewers.

Up until the start of the series on Monday, September 26, we knew very little about it, except that huge stars like Stanley Tucci, Tennant, and Lydia West were the cast.

Tucci also stars as a prisoner, who is working on death row in the United States, and David Tennant is on hand as Harry Watling, a UK vicar, Lydia West as an investigative journalist, Beth Davenport, and Dolly Wells as Janice, a maths tutor who has somehow become trapped in a cellar.

The first episode of the show would be beautifully reimagined how these four characters cross paths, so we will not do that here. All we''ll say is that the direction leads in and the absurd path it takes to get there means this four-part series feels quite different from some of writer Steven Moffat''s other works.

If there''s one thing for sure, the first episode of ''the show hasn''t been great with everybody at home; some viewers were praised for the new show, but there were a lot of others who had very choice words about what we''ve seen so far!

"The first episode of #InsideMan was very good. Twisty-turny, funny, and with a growing sense of horror," one fan said. "It''s absolutely fantastic. Can''t wait for episode two tonight."

The first episode of #InsideMan was fantastic. Twisty-turny, funny, and enthuseful. Absolutely fantastic. Cant wait for episode two tonight... 27, 2022

Have just watched the first episode #InsideMan. It''s written by Steven Moffat and stars David Tennant, but boy was I not disappointed. I am so invested in the vicar and Maths tutor''s storyline and how the other characters will play into it. 26, 2022

#InsideMan is one of the best deliciously watchable dramas I''ve ever seen in the years. Tucci is amazing, kicking myself, I''m surprised that he didn''t get the ''Pay therapist'' thing until he said it.September 26, 2022

On the other hand, the plot appears to have sparked some viewers off completely, even as they couldn''t get on board with the inherentity of some of the narrative. One fan said: "Started watching #InsideMan and it started well, but it''s insane as a box of frogs and highly implausible. Gets even more ridicule by the minute."

Started seeing #InsideMan and it started nicely, but it is crappy as a box of frogs and highly implausible. Gets even less ridicule by the minuteSeptember 26, 2022

Started watching #InsideMan attracted by #Tucci and #Tennant. It started well on the underground, but turned down hill into ridiculous, unbelievable sitituations. It''s too late to wait for crap TV to improve September 26, 2022.

Was looking forward to this, but it seems to have turned into a slew of nonsense! #InsideManSeptember 26, 2022

On BBC One, the episode continues on Tuesday, September 27 at 9 pm, with the remaining two episodes on Monday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 4. You may catch up with the first episode of BBC iPlayer (opens in a new tab).

The series will be available on Netflix outside the United Kingdom at a later date, which has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

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