Release date, cast, plot, and all of the comedy film The People We Hate At The Wedding

Release date, cast, plot, and all of the comedy film The People We Hate At The Wedding

On Prime Video follows two siblings who are engaged by Kristen Bell and Ben Platt as they try to reconnect as a family at their half-sisters nuptials. The film, which is adapted from Grant Grinder''s book and directed by Emmy winner Claire Scanlon of fame, promises to be a hilarious comedy.

Here''s what you should know about Amazon Prime Video''s need.

At the release of The Wedding, we hear from people who we hate.

Prime Video will air worldwide on November 18, so don''t forget to wear a hat.

Is There a YouTube trailer for People We Have Refused At The Wedding?

There''s no trailer for this project, but keep an eye on this page and if Prime Video drops on, you''ll have the option to put it on here.

The People We Hate At The Wedding plot

Alice (Kristen Bell) and Paul (Ben Platt, both born and raised by Eloise, who lives in England, are followed by their disgraced American siblings. Considering Eloise is very wealthy and always seems to have one-up on them, neither is keen to go, but they are encouraged into it by their ever-optimistic mother Donna (Allison Janney) and find themselves awaiting a perfect wedding in the English countryside.

The siblings'' secrets and lies are exposed throughout the wedding week, and there''s nowhere to hide. Donna is hoping the trio can unravel their differences and reconnect after years of jealousy and resentment. But do they really love each other again like they did?

Kristen Bell is cast as Alice in The People We Hate At The Wedding

Kristen Bell plays Alice in the hit drama and voiced Anna in. She has also played in, and, as well.

Ben Platt as Paul

Ben Platt, an actress and singer/songwriter, plays Alices brother Paul, who isn''t living his best life without him. Bens previously played the roles in the movies as well as and played the title character in the film.

Who else is starring in "People We Hate At The Wedding"?

Allison Janney, who plays mother Donna, is joined by actors Dustin Milligan and Cynthis Addai-Robinson, who plays Julian Ovenden, Lesley Ewen, John Macmillan, Jonny Weldon, Emma Davies, Karan Soni, and Tony Goldwyn.

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