Inside Man's next episode, including the cast, the plot, and the sequel, is about the BBC and Netflix thriller

Inside Man's next episode, including the cast, the plot, and the sequel, is about the BBC and Netfli

A BAFTA and Emmy award-winning writer based on BBC and Netflix miniseries ().

During his first appearance in March 2021, the couple met with the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, who plays the role of the first doctor. Together, they performed on some of the most well-known episodes of including and for a completely different kind of show.

Tennant plays Harry Watling, a vicar from an English village who''s life is tangled up with the fate of a death row convict (played by Stanley Tucci), an investigative journalist and a maths tutor in the most unimaginable way.

All we know about it is clear.

Inside Man release date

The Autumn TV series is set for 2022 by the BBC. It started on Monday, September 26 at 9 pm, and the series continues on Tuesday, September 27, with the last two episodes broadcasting on Monday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4 at the same time.

The series will be available on Netflix outside the United Kingdom at a later date, although it hasn''t been confirmed at the time of our most recent update.

How many episodes of Inside Man are there?

It takes four episodes to complete, and each episode will last 60 minutes.

Inside Man cast

Steven Moffat has given up a dazzling cast for his new series. Stanley Tucci, an American writer, has led the cast as Jefferson Grieff, a US prisoner on death row, who is the titular "Inside Man."

David Tennant () alongside ''''Ladies West and Dolly Wells'' were also featured in the original cast announcement.

Later on, we learned that Lyndsey Marshal (), Atkins Estimond (), Mark Quarterly (), Tilly Vosburgh (), Louis Oliver (), Kate Dickie () and Dylan Baker will also feature.

"This is the best ensemble we have ever had the chance to collaborate with," Steven Moffat, the producer of Hartswood Films, said. It''s a fantastic pleasure to see scripts come to life very nicely.

Inside Man plot

The plot of the show is obscured, as everything was kept under wraps before of its premiere.

Chris Sussman of Netflix said: "It''s impossible to say too much about without giving away spoilers," and Director of BBC Drama Piers Wenger explained that "everything is in place for a series that will keep the country gripped."

The plot focuses on a prisoner on death row in the United States (the "inside man"), a vicar in a quaint English town, and a maths teacher who has somehow ended up locked in a cellar, who will mute in the most unexpected manner possible.

In the first-look photographs below, you may see some of the cast in action.

What happened in episode one?

In episode one, we met each of our main characters; Janice and Beth crossed paths after the former joined Beth while she was being harassed on the London underground. Beth gives her her contact information and invites her for an interview, but she refuses. We also cross the pond to meet Jefferson Grieff, a murderer who solves cases with his sidekick Dillon (Atkins Estimond) while serving time as a death row in an apparently nonrelated narrative.

Vicar Harry picks Janice, his son''s maths tutor, following an encounter with Edgar, who teaches him to conceal a flash drive for him. Janice ends up opening the files and is stunned by what she discovers, especially as she mistakenly believes the flash drive belongs to Harry''s son.

Harry tries to persuade Edgar not to do anything about it in an effort to protect her. They have a problem, and she ends up stumbleing down into Harry''s cellar; in the panic, he traps Janice down in the basement. Both are in a sort of confrontation.

Beth travels to America to meet Grieff, but their conversation isn''t very extensive; then, Janice receives a text from her, which she says reveals during her battle with Harry. She fails to contact Janice, but she cannot get hold of her, and decides the best course of action is to ask Jefferson for his advice.

Is there a trailer?

"Everyone is a murderer... you have to meet the right person," Jefferson Grier says of his gruesome remarks in the trailer, and the clips we see from the program make clear that something is imminently, very, very wrong for us. See it here.

Who directed Inside Man?

Paul McGuigan, a Scottish film and television producer, has directed all four episodes of the program. He has previously directed and the BAFTA-nominated film.

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