Meet the Designing Miami cast: Who's who guides them

Meet the Designing Miami cast: Who's who guides them

If you haven''t heard, this series is generating quite a fan base among Netflix subscribers. This series follows Ray Jimenez and Eilyn Jimenez as they continue to build their competitors interior design firms.

That''s right, unlike previous HGTV or other platforms, Ray and Eilyn are married and in a different position, but they do not operate a single company. So far, this fresh twist has made the series even more enjoyable for fans. Not to mention, who prefers seeing a show based in the beautiful city of Miami?

Who is the main character of the group? Here''s what we know.

Ray Jimenez

Ray is in the midst of launching his own Miami interior design business, Raymond Nicolas Design House (opens in a new tab), while ending his previous relationship with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, for him, he finds the difficulties that plague starting a new business quite common. On a few occasions, hes seen working long hours, and he is often short-staffed when it comes to finding help. He eventually hires some full-time employees.

Fans were left curious to know who his former partner was and what his former business was. According to reports, in 2010 he started RS3 Designs with his former partner and fellow Miami International University of Art & Design alum, Shannon Scott. The two began a successful business that he continued until his retirement in 2022.

For those who want to know more about Rays'' design style, consider him a "maximalist." Upon visiting his website, you may discover a few of his projects.

Eilyn Jimenez

Eilyn started Sire Design in 2007. Since then, she has managed to build a team of all women, and has taken the design world by storm.

Eilyns'' solid dedication to detail is part of her passion for helping the company thrive in the Florida area. From the start of the reality series, she shows how she constantly strives for perfection.

Eilyn is a minimalist who loves modern design when it comes to youre curiosity.

She has not been shy about expressing that while she wants to have children one day, that day hasnt quite arrived. Throughout the series, she often talks about the pressure she faces from her family to get pregnant. Speaking to Today (opens in a new tab) she considers her need to wait to have children on camera.

"We are in 2022 and it feels like a woman isn''t fully equipped until she has children," says the author. I think you may choose to have your career or to have a different focus and do things differently than getting married and having kids."

Rays staff on Designing Miami

Ray begins the season with no full-time employees. In the beginning, Steven and Ori had two part-time employees who ended their working relationship with Ray. However, by episode seven, he acquired three official members of the Raymond Nicholas Design House. David Carela was the first person to be hired as a design assistant.

Paola Fonseca was brought on to the team in an architect role. Unfortunately, since the opening of the season, Ray moved on to another company. Last but not least, Ray hired Antonio Rodriguez, a fellow Miami International University of Art & Design graduate. Antonio impressed with Antonios'' flair for design and design, and the former made him a junior interior designer.

Eilyns staff on Designing Miami

At Sire Design, viewers learn to learn from Karina Perlaza and Valentina Leon, both junior interior designers. However, as the season approaches to the conclusion, the two were promoted to lead interior designers. After seeing Karina put in long hours on former NFL player EJ Manuels home, and Valentina scramble to find replacement furniture when she promised a client pieces that weren''t more available, these women earned their jobs.

Camila Nunez was promoted to the project coordinator as the youngest of the bunch to learn from Eilyn by the end of the season. Lastly, there is Andrea Ritter. She was also promoted from architecture writer to the project coordinator.

Designing Miami is now available on Netflix.

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