Vote for your favourite factual show at the TV Times Awards 2022

Vote for your favourite factual show at the TV Times Awards 2022

It''s been another great year for television, and what better way to commemorate all your favourite stars and shows than with the opening of our annual TV Times Awards?

Favourite Factual Show is one of the most interesting and varied awards, with so many factual shows on offer, from the tearjerkers to the laugh-out-loud comedy. With a few cute animals thrown in for good measure!

Here are all of the nominees for the 2022 TV Times Award Favourite Factual Show category.

Favourite Factual Show TV Times Awards 2022

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TV Times Awards 2022 how to vote

Join the cast of the TV Times Awards is easy! Just head to the online voting page to pick from your favourite TV shows and stars.

The selection of your favourite will not be simple sailing, but here''s a photo of what you''ve been enjoying this year...

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad ITV

Bradley Walsh, a reluctant traveler, returned to Croatia in 2022 to discover the joys of returning to Scandinavia, traveling 3000 miles across Poland, Hungary, and Scandinavia, testing local produce, including some hungarian goulash, and having some hair-raising adventures along the way.

DIY SOS: The Big Build BBC1

Season 32 of the heartwarming show was just as enticing as previous episodes and we loved every minute of it. From assisting carer Peter with his family''s growing needs, to assisting three generations of one family, each with their own problems, Nick Knowles and his team scouted it out of the bag. Again!

Dynasties II BBC1

As we watched pumas, elephants, cheetahs, and hyenas all do their best to protect their young, Dynasties II followed four animal mothers. Despite the dramatic narration, national treasure David Attenborough kept us all glued to our sofas.

Frozen Planet II - BBC

David Attenborough''s second appearance on this shortlist highlights animals living in the iciest parts of the globe. The show took four years to complete, using cutting-edge technology to capture footage of some stunning animals. And, therefore, there''s also a serious concern about the effects of climate change.

Long Lost Family ITV

This year, the show features Emotional and moving, which is now available for download. As always, the show reveals the fantasies of people who want to reconnect with missing families, as well as uncovering secrets from the past and uncovering hidden connections to answer questions from previous generations.

Lucy Worsley Investigates BBC2

Lucy Worsley''s got it wrapped up in a fun series. She examined some of history''s most deadly events from the Black Death to the Princes in the Tower and found new evidence and compelling witnesses. And, of course, there was a bit of dressing up involved...

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live

Martin Lewis was able to take to our screens to assist us all navigate the cost-of-living situation alongside his co-host Angelica Bell. Talking about topics from the energy price cap to benefits and anything/everything to do with keeping more cash in our pockets. We''re not sure what we''d do without Martin''s handy suggestions.

The Repair Shop BBC1

Thanks to their dedication, Jay Blades and his team have become sharp viewer favorites. They welcome the public into their workshop where they repair valuable items from family history. It''s fun, heartbreaking, and a lovely way to remind ourselves that some items are built to last.

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