The long-awaited customisable pronouns feature from The Sims 4 is finally revealed

The long-awaited customisable pronouns feature from The Sims 4 is finally revealed

The Sims 4''s long-awaited customisable pronouns feature has finally arrived - though it initially in English only - and is now available as part of the game''s latest update.

Following a community petition signed by over 22,000 people, Developer Maxis announced that it was considering introducing expanded pronoun capabilities to The Sims 4 last May, and players got a first look at the feature during a livestream earlier this year.

At the time, the developer was hesitant about a release date for its customisable pronouns feature, which it has developed in collaboration with LGBTQ+ organizations, including It Gets Better and GLAAD, but said there was "still a path ahead of us." However, the feature has now gone live, offering what it calls a further step "in the direction of a more inclusive experience for Simmers."

In the Sims 4 Create-A-Sim application, players will now have a ''change pronouns'' option next to the character name entry fields.

Players can assign their character either they/them, she/her, or he/him pronouns in a customisable box, where they may assign subjective, objective, reflexive, possessive dependent, and possessive independent pronouns.

The Sims 4 will then use the same standard pronouns throughout the game, including with tool advice and notifications, but Maxis says there may be instances in which incorrect form pronouns are chosen or the default pronoun of the assigned gender is used. It claims this is caused by the feature being only replacing the pronoun rather than the following verb, and claims it will use text to minimize the issue in the future.

"While this update isn''t the be-all end-all of representation of nonbinary and other gender diverse individuals," it says, "we strongly believe that it is important for us to increase transparency over time as we develop approaches to work within our constraints."

While The Sims 4 has been translated into 18 different languages so far, the initial customisable pronouns release is in English only. "There is a lot of complexity around how different languages and cultures use pronouns," the developer says, adding that "we need additional time to investigate how to correctly incorporate grammar rules into other languages that the game is available," he adds. "We aren''t sure how the roll out will take additional languages yet, but keep an eye on our social media channels as well as

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