What film was Lou shown? Netflix movie locations have been revealed

What film was Lou shown? Netflix movie locations have been revealed

Wondering where was recorded? As we''ll dive deep into which territories you can see in the Netflix film, you''ve come to the right place.

We follow Hannah, a character she plays in Allison Janney and her neighbor and tenant Hannah (Jurnee Smollett) as the two go off in search of Hannah''s missing daughter who was kidnapped during a storm.

The film starts out in a remote community with woodland areas and a beach, so it''s no surprise that viewers are wondering where the film was shot, because there are certainly some lovely locations in the film.

Read on to learn more about the film''s location, including some behind-the-scenes photographs that the actors shared while filming.

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Where was Lou filmed?

The film was made in Vancouver, Canada, and the surrounding British Columbia area. There was a lot of rainfall on set as spectators saw, therefore it wasn''t particularly glamorous with lots of outdoor shoots, and the actors had a heatwave to deal with.

Allison Janney, star of ScreenRant, said she appreciated that there was a massive heat wave in Vancouver, where we shot this, so being wet felt kind of great. Some times, the weather was freezing, but most of the time, it was like, Thank God. Turn the water on. It was really nice."

Allison Janney posted a picture on her Instagram, which outlined some signs saying One Way, Gators, Swamp, and Woods, which she called "set life," as well as giving fans some insight into what the process was like behind the scenes.

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A photo taken on the internet

According toVictoria News, the scenes at the end of the film which took place on the beach were filmed at the Ucluelet Peninsula.

During the filming of, Ucluelets Pioneer Boatworks was transformed into a hardware store, and The Crows Nest, Ucluelets'' longest-running store, was transformed into a bank.

According to Victoria News, filmmakers selected Ucluelet as a location because of its unique beauty and beautiful coastline.

Here''s how to get started on Netflix. Right now, there are a few of the main filming locations available.

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