The Masked Dancer UK star in 2022 claims to have resigned from the show following a horrifying injury

The Masked Dancer UK star in 2022 claims to have resigned from the show following a horrifying injur

Gareth Malone, a 2022 contestant who was recently unveiled as Cactus on the show, has revealed that he almost had to withdraw from the competition after having a terrible accident.

After being unmasked on 2022, the choirmaster told The Sun (opens in a new tab) that he suffered a terrible leg after falling down the stairs at home shortly after his first rehearsal.

"It was quite spectacular," he said. I had my first rehearsal and I returned to school and I was quite tired. It was physically exhausting and I had a terrible night. And I walked down the stairs and picked up the post.

"We''ve got five little steps into the kitchen and I fell down the stairs and I twisted my ankle. Immediately I was like, ''Oh no!'' and did ice and elevation. I had a slew of straps and harnesses on."

Gareth admitted that it was "touch and go" on whether he would take part in the show, but that luckily he was able to perform thanks to the assistance of a physiotherapist who he snuck into the studio.

"I had to smuggle a physio into the studio. I had to have three weeks out at the beginning. I was going really slowly then, about a week before, I thought, ''Oh, I''m actually going to be able to do this."

"It was touch and go, but I was so happy it''s one of those things, so to make something funny, you''ve got to work really hard."

"I have never drank before around my kitchen or night clubs in my youth and I have always felt that it was something I should do, should try," Gareth said of the fact that he decided to participate in the program.

"I really like the show, and I thought it would be very unexpected for me to do this." Many people have actually expressed their views before whether or not it was me in one of the costumes or never on.

Other celebrities who have not been identified include Stacey Dooley as a Prawn Cocktail, actress Joanna Page as a Pig, and Jesse Metcalfe as an Astronaut.

On ITV and ITV Hub, 2022 continues Saturday at 6:30pm.

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