Season 4 of Lost Treasures of Egypt: date of publication, Tutankhamun's murder? and everything we know about it

Season 4 of Lost Treasures of Egypt: date of publication, Tutankhamun's murder? and everything we kn

Season 4 will once again reveal the mysteries of ancient Egypt, including the tragic death of Tutankhamun.

The new eight-part National Geographic series is promising "the best ever discovery" from an archaeologist in the show''s history.

As they explore pyramids, uncover long-lost burials, and uncover ancient mummies, Indiana Jones-style archaeologists will follow them through a long-term cycle of evacuations in Egypt.

Dr Basem Gehad, a man of the past, is looking into one of the most well-preserved mummies from Cleopatra, where he examines further into the Egyptians'' beliefs.

The first episode of the series will see them look into Tutankhamun''s tragic death. Was the boy king murdered? Here''s what we know here in the book

Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 release date

Season 4 of National Geographic will be released in the United States and the United Kingdom on Sunday, October 2. All of the content of National Geographic can be watched with a Disney Plus subscription.

Season 4 episode of Lost Treasures of Egypt summaries

Tutankhamun''s First Episode

Was Tutankhamun murdered? Egyptologist Aliaa Ismail examines the circumstances surrounding his death, and specialists uncover the origins of the season from the era following the death of the boy Kings. A shocking discovery could help explain why ancient Egyptians died often.

Episode two of the Nile''s Secrets

The majestic Nile is the subject of this episode as experts investigate how ancient Egypt was transformed by the river. A huge 4000-year-old tomb is also being built on the banks of the Nile.

Episode three of Ramses: Egypt''s Greatest Dynasty

Egyptologists believe they''ve discovered an incredible tomb from Ramses'' time. Plus in the tomb of Ramses'' architect, the group finds a burial chamber filled with ancient mummies.

Mummy Hunters is set for Episode 4.

If there''s one thing everyone knows about ancient Egypt, it''s mummies. Here, the experts provide clues on how the Royal mummies have survived in such good condition.

Episode five of the Lost Pyramids Secrets

The last remnant of the long-lost tomb of pharaoh Sahure Egypts has yet to be explored, among the highlights.

Episode six of Alexander The Great

The episode examines Alexander''s transformation into a pharaoh. A unique catacomb is also revealed in Alexander''s reign.

Cleopatra Rises in Episode Seven

Among the highlights is a search for Cleopatra''s lost Tomb, as well as a study into how she abused religion to achieve her goals.

Episode eight of Rise of the Pyramids

Experts start a bid to uncover the first true period and the world''s oldest industrial-scale brewery which made the pyramids possible.

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