Our 5 most powerful theories about Greys Anatomy season 19 predictions

Our 5 most powerful theories about Greys Anatomy season 19 predictions

Fans are articulating several theories about what may happen in the coming seasons of Season 19, especially in light of the news that Ellen Pompeo will have a lower role in the program. Whether or not they should be preparing to say goodbye to Meredith Grey or simply see you later.

After hearing the online chat, after doing some research and using our own knowledge of the series, we have developed our own insights into what we expect will happen in Season 19. If you had a chance to read our season 18 finale predictions, youll know that was fairly good at reading producers.

Here are our predictions.

1.Meredith leaves Grey Sloan to go soul-searching

Despite Ellen Pompeo''s commitment to screen an upcoming Hulu series, we doubt season 19 will be Merediths farewell. For starters, Deadline (opens in new tab) recently reported Pompeo that viewers will still feel her presence throughout the season as shell continue to perform voiceovers.

When talking about Pompeo''s future on the show, you''ll find out.

Ellen Pompeo says she will never be out as long as her show (#GreysAnatomy) is on the air #D23Expo pic.twitter.com/1i8Oof2EcDSeptember 9, 2022

With all of that said, were making the bold prediction that to address Pompeo''s temporary departure on Meredith will leave to do some soul searching. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) negatively compared Meredith to her mother in the season 18 finale and accused her of wanting to tear down the hospital after taking a risk that killed a patient.

Although she has been promoted to interim surgeon of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, we believe Richards'' words will weigh heavy on her, and with one serious surgery and a fatal outcome, everyone''s favorite doctor will go out in search of a fresh perspective in life. (Meredith would take a leave of absence would not be new in the s world, as viewers should recall when Derek departed the hospital in season 5)

2.Addison stays on staff at the hospital just long enough for the residency program to get on its feet.

Grey Sloan was a bit short-staffed by Teddy (Kim Raver) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) on the run from the authorities, while Miranda (Chandra Wilson) was pulled off and Richard was on a leave of absence. The hospital might also utilize a few people attending.

Addison Montgomery is set to play again this summer (opens in a new tab) and Kate Walsh will be back in season 19 after a recurring appearance.

Addison has popped up several times whenever Grey Sloan has requested assistance. Despite being in the hospital with Richard on request, it was clear last season that she and Meredith are not at odds in her midst of a crisis, just as the hospital reestablishes a solid foundation.

3.Miranda reclaims her job

Miranda, who took some time off from Grey Sloan, believes she can resume her duties as surgery head, and on her terms. Hospital staff should be cautious. Gone are the days when illegally medicated people off the books, when interns made knee-jerk decisions when treating patients and residents as if they knew best. Miranda, now 24, has a stronger ship with the mindset that her family is her mother, and her employees.

The line between family and coworkers during her tenure was often blurred and that ended up ineffective in the long run. We think shell continue to support the program as one of the country''s best. Here''s why she thinks that her new approach will have disastrous consequences for her future relationship with Richard.

4.Owen faces trial and receives consequences

Given that Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver have returned to Greys for season 19, the question that comes to mind is how do writers address Owen and Teddy''s allegations of crimes he committed last season?

Wed venture to say that viewers will see a few episodes in which the couple is in a house compliments of one of their old military buddies. Eventually, however, theyll realize that living on the run is not good for their children, and Owen will accept the police.

As he prepares to clarify his name, we believe Owen will fall in the midst of a criminal court case. Longtime enthusiasts will remember that when Meredith was on trial for insurance fraud, she managed to beat the charges against her and returned to medicine. We do not believe Owen will meet the same fate.

Although we do not believe hell will prolong his prison time, we do believe that his medical license will be temporarily suspended.

5.Season 1 of the new generation of interns is reminded of fans of their adventures.

Given the number of new recruits to the cast (Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, Midori Francis, and Harry Shum Jr.) and the fact that they were all hired as interns, WTW believes it will help some viewers get into the drama to recapture some of the season 1 magic, given that the stars in the dark scrubs were at the forefront. Although producers obviously know viewers tune into the drama to catch up with the series vets, WTW believes it will take some of the attention to the new

The opening day of the season on ABC will be Thursday, October 6, at 9 pm ET/PT. The episode will air on Hulu the next day.

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