Why the F*** Did They KeepThis, when you unpack the dearly dedeparted past in a thoughtful but fabled solo film?

Why the F*** Did They KeepThis, when you unpack the dearly dedeparted past in a thoughtful but fable

Death implies leaving behind a family in mourning, unspoken words, and well boxes of stuff have become shrinking from context or meaning. A new solo journaling book explains how the F*** did they keep this? examines the process of rifling through the belongings of a recently deceased deceased loved one and seeking to determine if each item is a treasured item or simply a misplaced trash.

Travis D. Hill''s creation, why did they keep this? It takes a single player with a few six-sided dice and something to record their thoughts. The games rules and prompts are printed on 18 double-sided cards that come packaged in a small tuckbox, and additional instructions will be sent inside the box itself.

The start of play involves deciding who died and what they mean for you. Family is a malleable term, and the type of bond shared between you and the owner will give meaning to every interaction. Are you discovering the past of an estranged parent for the first time, or are these items steeped in the familiarity of a living at an intimate proximity? You also need to select the amount of cards to draw, each with a different category on the front.

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The items are similar to those of regular degular detritus - book hordes, old newspapers, and family photographs - to the more eclectic, such as an insect collection. For example, you may end up with a thin but awe-inspiring pile of books and choose to express your untoward regret for readthroughs. This indicates that your departed friend would rather express their respect for the illustrations and cover.

Hill discusses why the F*** kept this? as a mechanically dead simple game that rewards as much as players are willing to invest. Solo journaling games are an excellent genre that can be used as a writing exercise or tool for becoming more comfortable with creating your own stories, characters, and connections in other tabletop games. This game has a very small size and relatively few limitations that allows you to select and play for 30 or so minutes before returning to the game.

Why the F*** Did They Keep This? Indiegogo is crowdfunding for a digital, printable copy of the game along with a variety of physical tuckboxes. Backers may purchase either $5 (3.99) or $12 (9.57) each. Shipping is expected to begin in July of this year.

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