Fans of EastEnders have discovered a substantial clue to the fun of the Christmas show

Fans of EastEnders have discovered a substantial clue to the fun of the Christmas show

During last night''s episode, viewers discovered a vast clue (Tuesday, September 27) that hints at the dramatic Christmas narrative that might put the Square in jeopardy and be the eventual conclusion of Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks).

Fans are ecstatic about Mick Carter''s (Danny Dyer) departure as well as Janine''s recently reported departure.

During last night''s episode, Janine''s daughter Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) nearly confessed to Linda Carter''s lies, but she was quickly backtracked when a furious Janine put her in a cliche.

After Scarlett hints that Janine had done something bad, Linda was left disgraced and would not be with him if he discovered what she had done.

Earlier this year, Linda was involved in a serious car accident that left her needing surgery. Currently, everyone believes that Linda crashed the vehicle while drunk, but it was actually Janine who brought Linda''s seemingly lifeless body back to the driver''s seat so it could appear as though it was her fault, both while baby Annie was in the car.

Linda has no memory of the crash and doesn''t know that Janine got away from the scene and left her to die.

Scarlett spotted an incriminating photo of Janine in the background, which she showed on the night of the accident.

At the time, Janine was supposedly out of Walford, but Scarlett knows the truth and decided to take the photo as evidence.

While Scarlett was rushing Scarlett to pack her items so they could go and visit Mick''s family, a frantic Scarlett quickly concealed the picture in a DVD case.

Fans are now speculating that the bombshell will be dropped at Christmas and that Janine''s lies will be exposed. Merry Christmas Janine or not!

Incriminating evidence uncovered in a Die Hard DVD case, eh? It''s a Christmas revelation coming when Mick joins on this holiday classic @bbceastenders #GreatestChristmasMovieEver 28, 2022

The Janine release will be Christmas!! 27, 2022 #EastEnders

After Mick and Shirley row over Die Hard being a Christmas film #EastEnders 27, 2022, obsessed with the thought of a Christmas Day reveal about what Janine''s been up to happening.

Here''s how to see the photo in the Die Hard DVD, a Christmas movie. I''ll see what you did there. Looks like the story will conclude at Christmas as if it wasn''t a surprise. #eastendersSeptember 27, 2022

OMG scarlett put the photo of janine in the dvd case of die hard which is a christmas film im so now thinking mick or someone is gonna find it on christmas day! #eastendersSeptember 27, 2022

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