Deadpool 3 is now available for release, as well as everything we know about Ryan Reynolds's film

Deadpool 3 is now available for release, as well as everything we know about Ryan Reynolds's film

The film has always been on the minds of many fans since rumors about it at Marvel Studios began. Despite the fact, there was really excitement going into the Disney 2022 D23 Expo that an announcement would be made, although execs did not make any mention.

Ryan Reynolds announced in a video that he will not only return to Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that hell be doing so with Hugh Jackman. That''s right. Jackman is still resurrecting his role of Logan, aka Wolverine.

Here''s all we need to know about that.

When is the Deadpool 3 release date?

Fans of the film have a lot of time to build their excitement on the ground, especially as it will not premiere in theaters until Friday, September 6, 2024.

Both the original film and the streaming service are now available on Disney Plus.

Deadpool 3 trailer

Unfortunately, it''s a little too early to make a trailer for this third film in the series. However, Reynolds and Jackman collaborated on a teaser to make the movie public. Take a look.

Who is in the Deadpool 3 cast?

Ryan Reynolds is a well-known cast member of Deadpool, who is without question one of Hollywood''s most sought-after actors. His most recent acting work includes,, and. Besides, hes also gone to television starring as himself in the sports docuseries.

Hugh Jackman is introducing his version of Wolverine to the screen once more in. He has become synonymous with the Marvel superhero since he sported a pair of adamantium claws in the first live-action film in 2000. Outside the two and standalone films, he has starred in various projects and is also set to star in the film.

While we wait for other casting announcements to arrive, the Reynolds and Jackman pairing should be sufficient to intrigue prospective viewers. Offscreen, the two have had a playful and shady banter going for years. If they bring that energy to, please be extremely pleased. Check out what we mean by their banter below.

Did Wolverine die in Logan?

Many supporters had the same question when Hugh Jackman reportedly attempted to reprise his role as Wolverine. If that''s the case, how is he going to play Deadpool in a new film?

In a brief video, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman discuss this issue. In short, they claim that this occurs before Wolverine''s death in. Take a look at what we mean.

What is Deadpool 3 about?

The original narrative for Deadpool will not be released yet. However, although we should say that some aspects of the film will address their similar origins.

Both Deadpool and Wolverine are subject of the Weapon X project, a government-sponsored program that given them superhero-like abilities that we know today. It''s entirely possible that the new movie addresses this problem. While it tends to get into origin stories, and by now most fans have seen the origins for both characters on screen while they were under the 20th Century Fox umbrella, perhaps Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige envisions as an opportunity to "rewrite" history and give the antihero a clean slate in

On another note, given Deadpool arguably has the most competent, yet antagonistic character in all of Marvel, fans should prepare themselves for some comical confrontations between him and the usually antisocial and "grumpy" Wolverine.

Deadpool 3 director

Shawn Levy, the captain of this ship, has been well-known. This is not Levy''s first time directing Reynolds, since Levy has previously directed and. De plus, Levy has directed. and several episodes of.

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