The cast, the plot, the production of Maxine, the first look, and more on the drama based on the Soham murders

The cast, the plot, the production of Maxine, the first look, and more on the drama based on the Soh

Channel 5 is a true life drama that gives a new perspective on the 2002 murders of Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, transforming the spotlight into school assistant Maxine Carr.

This three-part drama will examine Maxine''s caretaker boyfriend, Ian Huntley, who was later imprisoned for the murders. It examines Maxines'' tumultuous relationship with Huntley, examines why she misled the police for him and how she became "the most hated lady in Britain."

In May 2022, filming for the three-part drama began in Ireland. Here''s all you need to know about Channel 5.

Maxine release date

The three-part drama will air on Channel 5 on Monday October 10 at 9pm with subsequent episodes streaming on the following two nights at the same time. Afterwards, you may catch up with all three episodes on My5. We will update her with any US or international air dates and channels.

Is there a trailer for Maxine?

There''s no trailer for yet, but keep an eye on this page and if Channel 5 gets one, then you can see it here.

Maxine discusses what happens in the Channel 5 drama.

Maxine Carr, the mother of Ian Huntley, will investigate the horrific murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. The schoolgirls, who have been friends since they were four, were found to be behind the crimes, and it was discovered that Carr had fazed him to the cops. This story also reflects Huntley''s and Carr''s disgruntled relationship, which resulted in her imprisonment in 2003 for perverting the course of justice.

Maxine cast Jemma Carlton as Maxine Carr

Jemma Carlton plays Maxine Carr, who was Holly and Jessicas'' teaching assistant and lied to the cops to cover up Huntleys crimes. This is her first lead role, but she did also star in the 2018 comedy film Detective Dover, playing Stacy Goff.

Scott Reid as Ian Huntley

Scott Reid is playing school caretaker Ian Huntley, whose media interviews and crocodile tears alerted the police to his guilt. He is best known for starring in DC Mick Clark in the ITV true crime series. He also played Nigel in the 2020 film.

Who else is starring in Maxine?

Steve Edge is playing reporter Brian Farmer of the Press Association. He''s best known for playing Billy Dawson in an ITV comedy, plus and. and actor Natalie Britton will play Jane Kerrigan as a tabloid journalist, while Kate OToole, Barry John Kinsella, and actor Laurence Foster also play roles.

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