The Walking Dead stars and stars in the film "TWD Tales"

The Walking Dead stars and stars in the film "TWD Tales"

As the series wraps up with season 11, it may come to an end, but thanks to the recent spinoff, it is now possible for characters from across the TWD Universe to manifest themselves in the past, present or future.

Before the season 11 premiere, What to Watch had a chance to chat with several members of the cast, and we asked if they had a fantasy story for their characters, if they had ever had the opportunity to appear on future episodes of.

Ross Marquand (Aaron)

"I like the idea of having a background. One of my favorite scenes of the show is when we get back into Abraham''s background and explore what he was doing around the beginning of the apocalypse with his family.

"One of the things that stuck out to me in the second episode Im in, I was talking to Rick and hes interrogating me and hes posing for a reason why I was so comfortable with guns pointed in my face and I say before the world ended I worked for an NGO in Nigeria or something, where [Aaron] was constantly having warlords pushing guns in his face constantly, so he was used to violence and all this terror before the world ended.

"I think it would be fantastic to do a miniseries of all of our series regulars to see where they were shortly before the apocalypse," said the author. I think it would be really beneficial to investigate that. I think it would be a good idea."

Josh Hamilton (Lance Hornsby)

"Yeah, I agree with Ross, that right before and during is the most interesting to see how everyone reacts to it. When people pick them up years into it, humans have a tremendous capacity for adapting to virtually anything but to observe them make that shift is interesting. One of my favorite episodes is with Negan and his wife dealing with that in the beginning. So yeah, it''s what I''d like to see.

Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel)

"Im not sure how intriguing a story about Father Gabriel in his church might be before the church fell." It appears that a lot of the character development follows Father Gabriel''s events, and I believe he is a far greater multifaceted character as the show continues. I''m not sure how much much of that I''d be able to bring forth before the world fell. Unless he secretly has a body hidden in the basement."

Michael James Shaw (Mercer)

"You know, I''ve always wondered how Mercer and Max made it to the Commonwealth and how much they went through to earn living there. I think it would be great to see what happens with some of these characters and how they get to where they are. Im sure it''s a f-ing war to enter the Commonwealth."

Laila Robins (Pamela Milton)

"I would like to see my life with my father [referring to Pamelas father] and some of the things I went through to earn his respect or to earn his family legacy! It''s only a necessity to make me 30 years younger, but there''s always CGI! It''s also fantastic to see that, how she come from, her dad comes from, and why she is the way she is. I''d love to see that backstory.

Okea Eme-Akwari (Elijah)

"I''d like to see a bit more of Elijahs home life and where he got his training from, the origins of his mask, and how he got so proficient with his weapons," he says. I think that might be an interesting subject to consider.

Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko)

"Origin stories are always the best, arent they? You can have the most fun with them. I''d love to see how Yumiko came from Europe and ended up in Virginia. I''d like to see that story about how they came to Europe and ended up there. I think there''s so much to say about it, especially now that theyve found her brother in the Commonwealth.

"Its hinted at, and I''m not sure how much it has ever been explored to its fullest in this season," said Tomi, who told us about his experience with drug addiction, and his experiences with Magna, who I met while she was in jail, and she was her lawyer. So how did we all get there? It''s very interesting to be told.

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