The Entropy Centre is getting its start on November 17

The Entropy Centre is getting its start on November 17

If you like manipulating (in the gaming world, or not, your choice), then you may like what we are about to say.

Playstack and Stubby Games have announced that their upcoming game, The Entropy Centre, will be launched, a manipulation puzzle game that deals with every nerve and fiber in our brains.

The Entropy Centre will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). If you want to check it out, go over to Steam to get the demo for The Entropy Centre.

Daniel Stubbington, the founder of Stubby Games, has summarized several words.

It''s hard to believe how dizzying and incredible this journey has been, but here''s how it all began.

Only two years ago The Entropy Centre was merely a concept that sat through my head while I tried to sleep, and today, the games are now available on PC and consoles. I cannot thank fans enough for their support, and I am glad to see the demo go live so that users may get an early free taste of the game for themselves.

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