Halloween Season 3 Trailer for Hulu Bite Size Previews 20 Spooky Shorts

Halloween Season 3 Trailer for Hulu Bite Size Previews 20 Spooky Shorts

The 20th Digital Studio''s Bite Size Halloween shorts is back for a third season! Twenty new shorts from exciting emerging filmmakers premiere on Hulu on October 1 blending genres like horror, comedy, sci-fi, and thriller.

This season, shot in seven countries, explores topical topics such as racism, gender, parenthood, sexuality, and identity. (dir. Michael Schwartz) features Tatiana Maslany () in her first on-screen role with her husband Brendan Hines (). Former singer-songwriter Kate Nash has co-written/directed/starred in a short featuring Nash''s original music.

"As we release the first feature films with our amazing Bite Size Halloween filmmaker alums, we are delighted to announce the next wave of seasoned filmmaking talent and their fascinating short films. We are a big fan of showcasing these vital, varied voices and their very personal twists on horror, thriller, and sci-fi."

The aim of the 20th Digital Studio''s short film programs is to continue to guide and finance these artists'' careers, and to transition some of the shorts into longer features. This month, Huluween will premiere from John William Ross on October 10 and Ben Steiner on October 21. Shorts from previous Hulu seasons have played at festivals such as SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, Fantasia, and more.

As successful filmmakers from across the world are featured, the 20th Digital Studio is focusing on diversity and inclusion, including Nuhash Humayun (, SXSW Grand Jury Prize), Sam Max (, Sundance), Michelle Krusiec (, AFI DWW), Zoey Martinson (, Tribeca).

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