Next Fest of Hostile Mars will have a free demo for Steam

Next Fest of Hostile Mars will have a free demo for Steam

Big Rook Games, an Indie developer, revealed that it will be releasing a playing demo of during Steam Next Fest. This particular game is essentially a frantic factory-building title, which will enable you to discover and utilize powerful weapons and structures throughout many locations. You will need to create and maintain an efficient supply chain in which you will deploy delivery bots to recover and salvage from nearby supplies as well as destroyed enemies as resources.

Designed to support your massive cannons that tower above you, you will need to upgrade everything to a lesser degree. Laser turrets come in sizes 1, 2, 3, and 120. Instead, you may automate hundreds of delivery bots to harvest ore and replenish your base.

  • Upgrade your traps to deal more damage, collect materials that fall from defeated enemies, and tons of other crazy stuff.
  • Upgrade your turrets to shoot farther and hit harder!
  • Upgrade your base to unlock new items.
  • Upgrade walls, guns, ammo, delivery bots, harvesters, machines, buildings, storage, and more!
  • Strategically place walls, traps, and turrets to create a defense strong enough to keep your home base energy core protected.

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