Kirby's fanmade cardgame has been put in place by HAL Laboratory

Kirby's fanmade cardgame has been put in place by HAL Laboratory

HAL Laboratory, the creator of the Kirby series, has closed a fanmade card game with Chef Kawasaki, who plays it.

A group called KWSK Karuta created and sold the fangame. Consider the fact that the strike one was successful.

Chef Kawasaki''s Micro Bikini Karuta played the fangame. Consider them to be two.

karuta are Japanese playing cards if you''ve never heard of them before.

KWSK Karuta had used physical and digital decks of karuta and was selling them through an online Japanese art website called Booth.

The designs being sold are somewhat less savoury than the Kirby series'' family-friendly image. The term "Chef Kawasaki''s micro bikini" is a sequence of words that many people would never read before.

I''ll''t include any cards here for the sake of your eyes and my safety, but you may get an idea of Chef Kawasaki''s portrayal by scrolling through the Twitter account.

The first posts from the Twitter account are from January, which revealed some of the karuta designs. The first packs eventually went on sale earlier this week, and the physical decks had sold out within a few hours.

Because of a request from HAL Laboratory, the group announced on Twitter that it will no longer sell the cards physically and digitally. (Use Google Translate on the Tweet for a funny mistranslation.)


The Booth page for the company is still intact, but the item is no longer listed.

It''s not surprising that fans of a Nintendo game are being shut down by the developer or Nintendo themselves. I''m not sure that turning Chef Kawasaki into a bikini model certainly proved helpful.

According to Automaton Media, who discovered the news, the design concept derived from Chef Kawasaki''s canon choice of outfit. He is bare except for his signature apron, which then led to fans envisioning him in a micro bikini (naturally).

There are no figures on the deck''s sales, thus it''s unclear how many people got to nag a set. The physical deck was priced at 890 yen, which converts to just under 6. Chef Kawasaki''s Micro Bikini Karuta seems to be on the verge of becoming a fan-creation.

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