The PS5GPU is unleashed in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves' 120Hz VRR patch

The PS5GPU is unleashed in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves' 120Hz VRR patch

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection has now expanded to include PlayStation 4, with some minor improvements to the presentation, as well as a focus on resolutions and performance. 4K at 30fps, 1440p at 60fps, and 1080p at 120fps effectively allowed you to balance pixel count and framerate whichever way you wanted. These options have been enhanced greatly by a recent 120Hz VRR update.

While the Naughty Dog titles are fully customizable, the studio hasn''t used dynamic resolution rendering to help balance performance - even in its latest title, The Last of Us Part One. So, in theory at least, the PS5''s GPU is not fully maxed out. Through VRR, it gains control by offering the capability to unlock framerate, while also adding a 40 percent fidelity mode. This works in the same way as in Ratchet and Clank, the Spider-Man titles and Horizon Forbidden

When you start the game, the 40fps option will enable 120Hz output on your PS5, which is similar to the previous fidelity mode, since both render at a crisp native 4K resolution, with the same ability to treat fine detail. Interestingly, this is true, since the game is still lacking, so we''re ''hoping'' that there will be at least 10fps of clearance.

Part 1, which starts with a newer processor, has a 40fps Fidelity option, but the mode is often dragged down into the 30-40fp range, causing me to depreciate fatigue. Extreme shootouts, courage, and even arousal moments are all there. This is how the last of us part 1 is structured in three directions, and it appears to be quite straightforward here.

Though it''s not quite perfect, I was able to trigger sub-40fps readings while navigating the Madagascar combat and chase section in a few seconds. At worst, the 40fps Fidelity mode is brief, rare, and isn''t particularly intrusive while playing. However, the damage in the Lost Legacy is mildly annoying, but it resolves once the enemies are defeated.

A couple of quite minor issues should be noted on the Uncharted games, which have a frame on each camera cut for TAA purposes. These include the brief interstitial scenes that sometimes bridge real-time cutscenes and gameplay playback at a straight 30fps. Overall though, the 40fps fidelity mode is almost a strict upgrade over the previous 30fps Fidelity option. Animation is smoother, the input response is snappier, and the visuals are similar. A handful of small

The unlocked version of fidelity mode has a 45-50fp advantage over the mid-30s. It looks substantially smoother than the regular v-synced performance mode, which is quite near to the resolution, but no dips below 40 FPS are actually noticeable. However, the performance uplift is much more profound. Under v-sync, the previous performance mode was already essentially a locked 60fps, thus here we''re always above that threshold.

The Uncharted games are generally 90-110 feet tall, which in turn feels silky smooth. Sedate scenes are typically at a maximum of 120 frames, while extremely tight sections might briefly dip into the 70s and 60s, but the average frame-rate is around 100fps. This is not far from the 120fps enhancement offered in the existing 120Hz performance plus mode, which is quite similar in general play, although with significantly improved resolution and image quality. However, given the unlocked frame-rate, there is

The whole range of new modes is covered, but there is still one way to run the Legacy of Thieves Collection under VRR. VRR is available in the PS5''s system settings and allows you to play these titles with capped frame rates. In both cases, I would strongly prefer to play these modes with the unlocked toggle enabled instead.

The VRR unlocked toggle isn''t supported, however the PS5 does not support refresh rates exceeding 120Hz. So simply enabling VRR in the Performance Plus mode makes a bit more sense here. This is a reasonable option and is certainly preferable to the performance plus mode running under v-sync. However, the performance unlocked mode also has a 1440p resolution instead of 1080p.

All of these options may sound like a daunting set of possibilities, but they are presented to the player in a clever manner, and in an way that we haven''t even seen in other major console programs. I''d expect similar if not identical configuration options to happen in upcoming games such as God of War: Ragnarok, though this approach may be simplified as games become more difficult.

Given the relatively low rendering resolutions that these games target as a result of their age and visual complexity, the Legacy of Thieves Collection has fares particularly well. I''m especially pleased with the unlocked mode, which combines a reasonable 1440p resolution with smooth frame-rates that average around 100fps. Despite the addition of a full 4K pixel grid, the performance is impressive.

Patch 1.002 is a fantastic upgrade to a capable upgrade of the last two Uncharted experiences. All the options you might contemplate are here, and they all run better than anticipated. This is a great way to replay these games - or to experience them for the first time.

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