The King 2 will be released next year by Curve Games

The King 2 will be released next year by Curve Games

Curve Games and IronOak Games have announced that they will begin producing the sequel in 2023. The game is aiming to capitalize on what made it fantastic the first time around, as they have added a new vocabulary of strategy, RPG combat, and roguelike elements. However, the developers have yet to establish a date before making it available. They have released a trailer for the game, which you can enjoy below.

Fans may begin a single-player experience or play cooperatively with up to four players. With a tumultuous, updated art style, and a brand-new original soundtrack, they will be transported deep into the wonders of Fahrul, bringing them farther than ever before into this marvelously imagined wilderness of adventure. From the vast number of character and item combinations to the procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events, the world of Fahrul is constantly changing.

Players will need to choose their battles carefully, arming them with the skills and equipment necessary to succeed in this famously unforgiving combat system that rewards planning and foresight.Will you choose to fight side-by-side with your friends or split up to claim all of the loot for yourself to boost your unique abilities, tactical advantages, and powerful synergies? The greater you continue to unlock items for your characters.

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