Is Blonde based on a true story? Fact vs fiction

Is Blonde based on a true story? Fact vs fiction

The most recent film to explore Marilyn Monroe''s life in Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe''s life is reimagined, portrayed by Andrew Dominik, who plays her in the film Ana de Armas, she reveals her journey from her unsettling childhood until her death, and her journey to stardom in a dark detail.

The shocking Netflix film''s synopsis states that "blurts the lines of fact and fiction to explore the widening divide between her public and private self," and that there have been many viewers who have asked if the film is a true depiction of Marilyn''s life.

Is it really based on a true story? Below are some of the most important questions that viewers may have.

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Is Blonde based on a true story?

Out of the fact that Marilyn Monroe is about herself, it isn''t really based on fact; it is rather based on the events that she depicted in her fictional novel, Joyce Carol Oates (opens in a new tab).

Details from both the film and its source are inspired by Monroe''s life, but writer-director Andrew Dominik has stated that the film''s basis is the book rather than Marilyn''s real life.

Dominik wrote in a letter to Deadline that: "I know an awful lot about Marilyn Monroe now. Ive read a tenth of thousands of books about her, but I haven''t read a thousand more. Ive learned about her all of them, and I have met people who knew her, and I have traveled to many of the areas (that you can still enter) where she lived.

"I''ve read all the biographies of all the other people in her life, so im aware of what they think happened in most of her life. And im aware of how thats different to the book. I did all that research and I used very little of it in the movie.The book was pretty much the film''s bible."

Is Marilyn Monroe a member of a throuple?

At the Actors Circle in LA, Marilyn meets Charlie "Cass" Chaplin Jr. and Edward G. Robinson Jr..; they cultivate a connection and form a throuple, beginning a three-way relationship.

There is no evidence that Marilyn had been in a throuple with the two men, and it wasn''t confirmed whether she had actually met Edward G. Robinson Jr., in reality.

In his memoir, rumors about Charlie and Marilyn were discovered around Hollywood, but Charlie did reveal these things.

Did Marilyn Monroe have an affair with JFK?

When Marilyn is taken to a hotel room by members of the Secret Service, she is then sexually assaulted by "The President," which is often difficult to take on the film. (played by Caspar Phillipson).

The relationship between Marilyn and JFK has been a subject of significant public interest. There are rumors and conflicting information about whether they had a sexual relationship, how long they were supposed to run.

According to Donald Spoto''s biography, the only time the two supposedly spent the night together came in 1962 at Bing Crosby''s home in Palm Springs. He quotes Monroe''s friend Ralph Roberts, who claimed she called him and told him that was the only night of her affair with President Kennedy.

Unrespective of whether or not the two had an affair, there is no evidence to suggest that Kennedy ever assaulted Marilyn Monroe.

Is Marilyn Monroe''s mother a real fan of trying to kill her?

Due to her relationship with her mother, Marilyn''s early childhood is described as Norma Jeane as a very bleak transition in her life.

In the film, Gladys is violent towards Norma, and her appearance toward her daughter becomes increasingly harmful, culminating in a horrific scene in which Gladys attempts to drown her in the bathtub. After this event, Marilyn is hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals where she is being held accountable for many sets of foster parents and spending a portion of her life in an orphanage.

Although Gladys experienced mental health problems and Marilyn spent time in care as a child, there is no historical record for the bathtub event, suggesting that this particular moment was completely invented for.

Did Marilyn Monroe have children?

While Marilyn Monroe wanted to live a family and had multiple documented pregnancy during her life, she did not have any children prior to her passing in 1962.

According to a Netflix documentary, Marilyn was believed to have been pregnant three times during her third marriage to Arthur Miller. However, it is assumed that she was unable to carry any of these children to full term. She suffered an ectopic pregnancy in 1956 and then a second miscarriage in 1958.

Marilyn Monroe is thought to have developed endometriosis, which Endometriosis UK (opens in a new tab) states, in a variety of ways, including, unfortunately, making it difficult to have children.

The film also depicts Marilyn having multiple abortions (in fine detail), although there is no evidence that Marilyn ever had this procedure in real life.

Netflix has now been available to stream.

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