Craig pulls Leva out of his Christmas party in Southern Charm's season 8 finale

Craig pulls Leva out of his Christmas party in Southern Charm's season 8 finale

Season 8''s finale has arrived, and episode 15 begins with a Christmas, pillow-filled bang.

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindos'' relationship shifted from bad to worse last week, and he uninvited his ex-girlfriend to his winter wonderland-themed party, Sewing South. Craig''s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo from Bravos, and,, came to Charleston for the occasion.

Despite having had her own experiences with Naomie, she felt that deinviting her was the best move. I think you not inviting her is like a bit harsh, and makes you look petty and youre not, according to Paige, adding that she considers Craig should invite Naomie to expand an olive branch, but not to be friends. Craig agreed, and asked Naomie to invite her again.

Shep rose met with his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green and expressed his appreciation for her work. Then she agreed. It took a turn. Shep said it was absolutely unconcerned. But she had put money on a joint account and traveled the globe and returned when that money was exhausted. Taylor seemed caught off guard and didn''t want to feel that she was living on his dime. She then decided to leave it as she would think about it.

Shep needs Taylor to give up her livelihood and travel the world with him to figure out if he wants to marry her??? Please forgive Shep #southerncharmSeptember 30, 2022.

Naomie and Venita Aspen both enjoyed a quiet holiday weekend after a poor day on the St Simons Island tour. The group had agreed to leave with Venita at the party, expressing her concern. Naomie refused to talk to Venita at the party, but the two agreed to have a chat.

Naomie said she has never met each other for a long time, but I realize that there''s just not a deep friendship there. Or are you looking for the deep friendship or no? Venita asked. When Naomie was in an uncomfortable position with Craig, Venita showed her compassion and didnt speak anything through. Right now, we are not friends, Naomie said and walked away, resulting in Venita becoming left in tears.

Naomi would have ruined her friendship with Venita if she let it ruin her then she wouldn''t meet her sweetheart #southerncharmSeptember 30, 2022.

Craig decided not to have assigned seating at the party, which caused a bit of confusion when it was time to sit for the dinner portion of the evening. It made Naomie feel like she was going to the party because it was a tit for tat situation where he wasn''t permitted to sit with everyone else. Craig caught wind of Naomie and Leva talking about it, and said they were throwing a hissy fit.

Madison LeCroy, Austens ex-girlfriend, started badmouthing Leva. I dont think Leva got the dress code memo", she said. Olivia, Austens'' current love interest, watched the commentary and disliked the funny little girl vibes.

During dinner, Leva went over to talk to Craig''s team, some of whom she personally knew, and talked about his attitude. Amanda, you shouldn''t talk to her. It''s possible to make it all about you, but it''s starting to come to an end: you made it all about you. He then refered her hissy fits to the point where he was so racial.

Craig urged Leva to leave, but the argument continued. I also have a business on the same street as these people, not you, your clown, Leva said. He said he will have security escort her out or she might leave. She left the party and called him a loser on the way out.

Craig is a fan of how dare Leva become a kid at his party. How childish. What was he supposed to do? Cut out the wall and make the one table 6ft longer? I believe it is common to have more than one table. #SouthernCharm September 30, 2022

Madison seemed to love everything and was laughing at the situation. Olivia suggested that you put your hair on the table. Good talking to you, Madison. Thank you.

Shep and Taylor, who ended up abandoning her job, traveled the world three months later. However, after their trip back to Charleston, the couple decided to split.

On Bravo, Part 1 of the Season 8 reunion will air next Thursday at 9 pm ET.

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