Fans of EastEnders are 'can't stop seeing' a sweet 'Ballum' scene between Ben and Callum

Fans of EastEnders are 'can't stop seeing' a sweet 'Ballum' scene between Ben and Callum

During the last night''s episode, viewers were furious about ''Ballum,'' which featured fan-favorite Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) giving their memories. Now fans are begging for their former friends to reconcile and reconnect.

The relationship between the two began in recent months when Callum mistakenly assumed that Ben had an affair with Lewis Butler (Aidan O''Callaghan). In reality, Lewis had sexually assaulted Ben, which resulted in him attempting to treat the trauma.

Callum was generous after Ben informed him about the ordeal and suggested that they return together, but Ben turned him down considering that he wasn''t good enough for him.

Ben is apparently recovering and in a much better place since he was informed of the attack to the cops, but it''s unbelievably that the pair still have feelings for each other.

During Ben''s last night''s episode, Lexi asked Callum if she could interview him about his job for a school project at the cafe.

Callum agreed and Ben couldn''t help himself but joked about Callum''s answers to one of Lexi''s questions, which resulted in a cosy exchange when Callum showed Lexi a pair of handcuffs.

"Can people escape them?" a confused Lexi asked.

"No!" Callum said.

"Yes, they can, anyway. When he''s not here, I''ll show you." Ben recalled.

Callum was thought to be lying to the truth, and they clashed over handcuffs, proving that he could actually escape them.

The pair ruffled as they fought over handcuffs, which resulted in a sweet moment in which they ended up accidentally holding hands.

Ben wished him a good deal, but he suggested that he and Lexi leave the cafe.

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) left close behind, but not before giving Callum a knowing look at his and Ben''s indiscriminable intelligence. Will she assass Ben and Callum to reconnect?

Fans couldn''t get enough of the ''Ballum'' scene and were enthused with their little changes...

Can''t stop watching this! It''s still good! #Ballum #EastEnders @tony_clay76 @MaxBowden 29, 2022

I have to say that with the joy of joy #ballum this is the moment in which weve waited for the journey back to one another #Ballum #BenandCallum #EastEnders #BallumWillReunite 30, 2022

Couldnt get it out of my head. I''ve been gonna let this live rent free in my head for a while. (or more than that!) Never have expected to get to see this scene. #Ballum #EastEnders 30, 2022

After last night, how did everyone know? 30, 2022 #Ballum #EastEnders 30, 2022

Ballum BRB #eastenders #ballumSeptember 30, 2022

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