Take My Mother-in-Law air date and get to know all we know about comedians travelogue

Take My Mother-in-Law air date and get to know all we know about comedians travelogue

In this one-off tour for Channel 4, comedian Jon Richardson comes up with a bright idea face to face with his mother-in-law, Gill Adams.

Instead of Gill invades his idyllic life in his quiet corner of West Yorkshire, Jon prefers to move to an entirely different country and whisks her off to sunny Spain to explore opportunities and lifestyles that will hopefully make Gill think twice about spending her golden years.

Is Jon able to persuade his mother-in-law to reign in Spain? Here''s what we know about their hilarious adventures.

Release date for Jon Richardson: Take My Mother-in-Law

Take My Mother-in-Law airs on Thursday, October 6, at 10pm on C4.

What happens in Jon Richardson: Take My Mother-in-Law?

Jon completes his journey into bustling Benidorm on the Costa Blanca, exploring a cost-effective alternative to retiring on a camping and handbags Gill a shift in a local pub.

Im also keen to clarify that not all mothers-in-laws are influenced by this stereotype of an awful, overbearing presence that you dont want in your life mine, according to Jon, 39.

Gills retirement plans will be to move in and ruin what are supposed to be the most difficult years of my life, but Ive made a slight tweak to her plan instead, shell live in a different country on his own, and he smiles. She will fall in love with a portion of it, hopefully an affordable part, and then she will not return.

Where else do they visit?

When Jon and Gill come to Benidorm to sketch soulmates for a price, it sends their expedition in a whole new direction when Gill who wants to be ravished is presented with a photo of a man whom she nicknames Sebastian.

Is it true that Gill is energised, so we have to find Sebastian. I buy Elsie a colouring book, and she is happy. Now we have the picture.

In the traditional town of Huescar, they discover life inside a cave house at their final stop in Malaga. Eventually, they discover the fruits of their labors at a social mixer Sebastian lookalikes.

While in this sunpark with a few big hombres, Jon claims that Gill would move into our house in Yorkshire is utterly absurd. But I want Gill to be happy. I also want myself to be happy, and thats why she cannot live with us.

Is there a trailer?

Not yet, but if one becomes available, we''ll be sure to post it here!

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