Where to get Hocus Pocus 2 on the go: where to begin streaming the long-awaited sequel

Where to get Hocus Pocus 2 on the go: where to begin streaming the long-awaited sequel

Want to watch? Here''s where you need to go.

It has become a popular Halloween event for enthusiasts across the globe. Near 30 years after the release of the original film, we''ve got a surprising sequel to follow up the franchise with a few tweaks.

As All Hallow''s Eve looms big over Salem, Massachusetts, the Sanderson sistersonce again played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy are all returning to create more chaos.

On Halloween night, a new group of girls lights the Black Flame Candle inadvertently congratulating the Sandersons who are gone for revenge for the execution. It''s up to those same new teens to stop the witches'' intentions.

Here''s how to get to know your camera.

How to watch Hocus Pocus 2

The first release of this report was announced in May 2021, so we''ve had a long wait on ourselves. The actual stream date is now available for download exclusively in one place: Disney Plus.

A standalone Disney Plus subscription for $7.99 per month is available. Unlike Disney Plus, there are a slew of other shows and exclusives, including the House of Mouse, National Geographic, and a whole lot more from the likes of Pixar, Marvel, and the Star Wars universe.

New customers in the United States will be able to sign up for an ad-supported program on December 8, while the monthly fee for the ad-free program will increase to $10.99, with the program expected to arrive elsewhere in 2023.

People in the United States have the option of signing up for the Disney Bundle, which offers you Disney Plus with plenty of sport from ESPN Plus, as well as a basic, ad-supported Hulu plan for $13.99 per month (though this will also increase to $14.99 once the price rise finishes).

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