Unbreakable air date, celebrity details, and everything we know about it

Unbreakable air date, celebrity details, and everything we know about it

Which celebrity can boast the most powerful romantic relationship? This is the fun topic at the core of comedian Rob Beckett''s brand-new BBC One contest,.

Here''s all we know so far...

Unbreakable: When does it start?

BBC One officially kicks off on Thursday, October 6 at 8pm.

As host of the popular Parenting Hell podcast, popular comedian Rob Beckett knows a thing or two about friendships, along with Josh Widdecombe.

Unbreakable: How does it work?

Unbreakable sees six famous faces and their other halves take part in a series of emotional, mental, and physical challenges aimed at demonstrating their connection to each other.

Unbreakable: Which stars are taking part?

On the bill, Shirley Ballas and her West End star partner Danny Taylor, Falklands veteran Simon Weston and his wife Lucy, along with Denise Welch and her artist husband Lincoln Townley.

Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins, his singer-songwriter partner Ra Ra, comedian Stephen Bailey, and his employment-lawyer boyfriend Rich Taylor, along with BMX world champion Shanaze Reade and her beau, and event organizer Teddy Edwardes all compete.

Unbreakable: What can people expect?

According to host Rob Beckett, there are a variety of shows we know and love...

"It''s like a mix of and. Celebrities are tested on how well they know their spouse as well as the physical difficulties of. Then there''s the element of the celebrities partners being people we havent really met before. This is a lot of showmances on reality competition shows like and - but this show involves real couples in proper relationships. I''m obsessed with family life and relationships, so this is the perfect gig for me."

Unbreakable: Do we get to see these celebrities as we''ve never seen them before?

Yes, our famous faces show us a very different side as their relationships are revealed.

"Were used to seeing Denise have a strong opinion on or Simon front serious documentaries on The Falklands, but a different side is revealed on this show," Rob says.

"Denise is quite fiery and flips out when things go wrong, but her husband Lincoln is so helpful in calming her down. Here''s how she feels when she meets her fella, Danny. Simon - who appears with his wife Lucy - is known for being such a stoic man, but I couldn''t believe how awful and fun he was."

Unbreakable: How do the challenges work?

These relationships will be put to the test by a series of extreme challenges. As Rob proves...

"Our couples do everything from bungee jumps together to getting tattoos together, and we see celebrities really let their guard down with their partner."

"Stephen Bailey is a ruthless stand-up comedian. He was caught up in the bungee jump and was given hugs from his boyfriend, Rich. It was a really cute set. Then there are mental difficulties, which involve knowing things about your partner, and I guess it''s more terrifying if you get it wrong."

Unbreakable: How does the competition component work?

Anjula Mutanda, a relationship psychotherapist, and Agony Aunt Maria McErlane are all interested in seeing the couples from the sidelines alongside Rob and providing their expert opinions.

"We award couples points by our partners, relationship psychotherapist Anjula and Maria, who tell them how they performed in the challenge itself and how well they worked with their partner. There''s little joy in winning a race if one of you cried!

"Anjula and Maria also guide the couples through how they can improve their relationships. It''s like therapy. Each week, the couple with the fewest points leaves. This is a test to find the strongest couple - so they were all extremely competitive and wanted to win!"

Unbreakable: How would Rob and his wife Lucy perform on the show?

The host has been somewhat dissatisfied. "I''d be good at anything that needs to be done quickly, but that''s why," Rob says.

"I''d rush it, ruin it, and she''d tell me exactly how it should be done. I don''t want that that broadcast on national television. I''d rather keep it behind closed doors!"

BBC One publishes a programme that starts on Thursday, October 6, at 8pm.

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